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  1. firecutgrass

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    Hello All,
    I have 5 years residential/ commercial lawn and landscape experience and hopefully going to start business officially this spring, currently it is more of small side jobs. However, I have a potential new customer that is looking for 30 yards of mulch. I know it is a lot of mulch, but nothing new to me. I am going to shoot for $100 per yard installed for mulch. A while back a found a chart on here of different prices for large amounts of mulch. I was wondering, does everyone charge one flat rate for any size mulch job or do you change the per yard amount once it reaches a certain amount, for example....

    $100/yard = 1-10 yards

    $90/ yard= 11-20 yards

    $85/yard= 21+ yards
  2. Mitty87

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    If im doing 30 yards I can get it all delivered for $170 instead of $510 if that delivery was spread out for 5 X 6 yard jobs. That saves me a few hundred and generally the bigger jobs for me have been more wide open and more efficient. I think my bigger mulch jobs like 12+ have been about $10-15 a yard cheaper than a 3-4 yard job. Just figure out your labour, as long as you get what you need. Those charts are fine but everyone has different prices and delivery methods and every job is different.
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  3. Credsfan03

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    We charge more if it's just a 1 or 2 yard job then after that we have a set rate.
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  4. rclawn

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    Assuming no issues with accessibility i’d say you’re right on the money if you have (own) the right machines for the job. For 30 a skid would be ideal but probably too large if this is residential. We just did 30 yards for $2.5k with a mini skid and another guy working by hand for tighter areas.
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  5. firecutgrass

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    For the 30 yards you did you charge $83/ yard or do you charge different amounts?
    Are you referring to different prices for certain amounts or one set price??
    This customer is a master gardener, so I am trying very hard to gain her as a customer. Because I can learn a lot about plants and these kinds of things. She usually purchases her own mulch, but I'm trying to get her to purchase from my supplier. But even if I only get the labor pricing, that would be decent for my starting business.

    I do have a skid I can use, actually from a family member down the street. I will try to get whatever company that brings the mulch to dump the mulch on a couple different areas of the drive way so I don't have to transport long distances, this would help will not needing a skid. Most of the beds are next to or no more than 40' from the drive way and its flat ground/ straight shot to the beds. I wish I had a mini skid I could use like you said to at least fill the wheelbarrows.
  6. Mitty87

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    If she insists on buying the mulch let her. Money is in the labour, that's all you need if your labour rate is right. Just means you don't have to organize the delivery but make sure she gets enough. With 2 hard workers and easy access you could do it in less than a day
  7. TPendagast

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    if you don't have control of the job (mulch delivery) allow more time, it will always go sideways somehow causing you more time, wrong spot etc.
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  8. RDALawns

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    Maybe im the exception. But I hate to have big delivery of mulch to the job site. Instead I'll have it delivered to my yard. Plus anything over 10 yards is free delivery from my supplier. Then as im ready for it at the job I'll deliver it myself.
  9. whiffyspark

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    We would be at $2k in my area for 30 yards installed. That usually includes round up two weeks prior. Snapshot is extra. We’ll charge more if it’s bad access or really over grown
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  10. Grant11

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    If customer wants to supply materials I price it so the outcome is more expensive.

    We do $100 per yard installed as well and would be at $3k for that job. Say our material cost is $25 per yard. If she wanted to buy the mulch I would let her know we get discounts on contractor pricing and our labor rate would be $80 to install that same yard of mulch that she buys for $33.

    It's always a pain to rely on someone else to make sure it arrives on time, the right product, the right amount, dumped where you want it to be dumped....

    I probably talk 9 out of 10 customers into letting us take care of the job for them. That's what we're hired for.
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