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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by handyzac, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. handyzac

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    I have three large olive trees I need to spray to prevent fruit from growing. My question, Do I need to spray the inside of the tree and the outside, and will dripping damage the tall fescue beneath the tree? In other words should I cover the sod beneathe the trees with a tarp? thanks in advance
  2. handyzac

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    Bump Anyone?
  3. Turfdoctor1

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    what do you mean the inside and the outside of the tree?

    if you are spraying the foliage, the hormone should be taken up by the leaf and transported throughout the tree, I would think, regardless of whether the "inside or outside" is sprayed.

    As far as the fescue, I would not think it would be an issue. I can't image it being terrbily good for the grass, but it shouldn't burn the grass. Truly, I am just trying to give you a logical guess.
  4. handyzac

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    I appreciate your logical guessing it helps, thankyou. Any other comments or questions are welcome
  5. Elden

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    Messages: 137 Here is a link I found of a company in Cali. while just surfing the web. Maybe you could contact some one there to help. I personally don't have any exp. w/ those types of treatments
  6. PHS

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    You didn't say what material you're using. I'm assuming you're probably using Florel. The grass will fine and you want to get full coverage of the flowers but you don't want to totally drench the tree. I've heard it explained that it's the material getting into the flowers that stimulates ethylene production and in turn aborts the fruit. Other than that there are other things to be concerned about too so I would read the label carefully before applying.

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