Large parking lot with grass all over!!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by buddhaman, Jul 28, 2006.

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    I have to bid on a lawn and a parking lot. The parking lot is approximately 250,000 square feet. Prior LCO left the lawn and the parking lot very neglected. There is grass coming through cracks all over the parking lot. Some areas as much 200 square feet are pretty much covered. I was wondering if there is a way to kill off the grass properly. I don't have a pesticide license. If there is an organic way great, if not, what are my options. I have a pesticide and fertilizer company that I call for spraying the lawns i manage. I contacted them and other licensed companies and all they have are hand sprayers for vegetation killer. Take days that way. I was wondering if there was a granular form of vegetation killer as I have a spreader that I mount on the rear of the truck for salt/sand in the winter. Thanks for any responses you can give me.
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    Sorry. The answer to that would be no. And no. First of all, there is nothing organic that you could spread for weed control, because even if it IS "organic", and is labeled for this, it is still illegal to spread without a license. If you use something that is NOT labeled (like vinegar or something), it is not labeled, and if someone sees you spraying, and stops in, when they find out what's in the tank, they will not allow it.
    as far as granulars are considered, there is nothing. There would be SO MUCH runoff with the first rain, that it is scary just to think of the amount of chemical that would wash down into the drain system.
    I think if I was looking at a natural type herbicide, it would be a salt brine. This would soak down into the cracks and stop future growth for some time.
    I think the best bet by the sounds of it, would be contact a spray co. that has some larger equipment like a boom sprayer, that could hit it with glyphosate. they would have to have Right Of Way licensing, of course.
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    A product with glyphosate (used in roundup) would knock out any vegetation.

    However, I'd favor a soil sterilant with and AI of Bromacil for example. It will last longer.

    After that is applied and you knock down the weeds, you should recommend a company come in and seal the cracks.
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    Glyphosate (round-up) would be the best product. If you use bromacil, you could have run-off on to desired vegatation with the first rain. Any tree root within a few feet could be affected as well. I've seen trees killed from bromacil as far as 30ft from treated area!

    I would sub it out to a r.o.w. spray co. that way they are liable for the app. We are licensed in row, and the insurance and record keeping is a major headache. I would let someone else deal with it.

    Good Luck..
  5. Chris Wagner

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    Good reminder about the run off. I did get to close to even a hardy burning bush and caused some major stress. In my experience, a little goes a long way which avoids unneccessary run off.

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