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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sunsetlandco, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. sunsetlandco

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    We will soon be submittig a bid for a 35 acre cemetary. mostly full, it has buildings as well as graves. My question is does anyone have experience bidding these types of jobs and what advice do you have? Currently ValleyCrest holds the contract. The bid is for weekly mowing and bi-weekly trimming. How much should we charge? How would you calculate? Any advice is helpful to prepare a plan of action and a bid! thanks!
  2. watercop

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    I know next to squat about this business but noticed a guy pacing out my local bank with a measuring wheel - went along all the curbs, etc. Gotta figure he was tallying up footage for edging, trimming, etc.

    I guess you'd want to figure how many feet of edging and trimming you'd need as well as a realistic time-per-acre rate for the mowing.

    Make sure whoever is actually doing the work won't wig out at a graveyard, and keep in mind that folks come out, especially at Memorial Day etc. and leave flowers at relatives gravestones - need a plan to deal with that. In addition, no one is gonna want you and your noisy equipment anywhere near a burial service - how is that going to impact your schedule

    Heaven help you if you damage a gravestone. I grew up accross the street from a cemetary dating to 1661; we played in there all the time but we knew to be careful around the gravestones, especailly the real old ones dating back to the early 1700s - very worn and fragile...
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    Good luck versus Valley Crest. They have huge economy of scales. They did something like 900 million in sales last year. Not to mention that they do everything from lawns to trees to fert.
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    $1 per head stone.. Should get you in a ballpark unless there are alot of open fields..

    about 15 seconds per stone for trimming around the stone and between them..
  5. HOMER

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    Good luck keeping any help with a contract like this........that's a lot of weed wackin' and I'm sure they don't want any round up used.

    I've never done a cemetary and really don't have the desire to do one. There's easier work out there.

    Good luck!
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    Check your "Private Messages"

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    We do one 5 acre cemetery and I can tell you from experience. Whatever figure you come up with that you consider fair, double it!!! My guys dred the day that we have to mow it, I dred the day we have to mow it, and no matter what type of mowers we put on it, it still takes forever. Trimming is what kills you the most. If it were just headstones, it wouldn't be that bad. It's all the freakin arificial flowers, statues, flags and trinkets that make the job misserable.
  8. Trevors Lawn Care

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    but the money must be good because you still are doing it?"???


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