Large Property with Heavy Coarse Grass... What would you use?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mrsmucker, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. mrsmucker

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    I have a small farm in rural Ohio. On a portion of that property we have a 3 acre lake. Our family uses the property like our own private park. Probably 6 acres of mowed grass around the lake and around the attached 2 acre orchard. I am the only one who actually maintains it, or it never gets done. I often get behind and end up with real heavy course grass build up, requiring a pretty tough mower. Been using a John Deere 420 Lawn and Garden tractor, with a 60" deck. The tractor is about 20 years old, 20 hp Onan, and it is tired. I have worked this poor girl to the bone.

    What should I buy now? I would like to stay in the 10K price range. The lake mowing, although not terribly steep, I have reservations about zero turn dolly wheels dropping off the low tide edge of the lake, or a stray muskrat hole that might show up. Really hate the idea of ending up in the lake with a new mower... :hammerhead: Whether I was left alive or dead.

    The back side of the lake dam is very steep, but the 420 did it well. The walnut trees have pretty much taken over the back side of the dam, so may not have to mow it anymore anyhow, but should considered those same kinds of conditions on either end of that dam not so steep or tree covered.

    There is a playground and a 120 tree orchard next to the lake we also like keep looking nice, so maneuverability would be awesome.

    My first thought was a Steiner front deck with a diesel... found one with real low hours... but something about it scared me... the second one I looked at was a new X740 John Deere with the Kubota Diesel... still considering that... A friend recommended a Ferris, but I haven't interviewed the machine yet...

    Would love to hear what you professional think would be a good choice....

  2. OmegaRed

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    I have a Kubota 326 diesel which cuts thick stuff well. A friend has a grasshopper 720 front deck with Kubota diesel. I think I would stick with a diesel if you are gonna consistently run into thick stuff. And I wouldn't worry about hills, if you are get some more aggressive tires.
  3. mrsmucker

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    I thought they, Kubota ZD326 w/60" deck were in the $12K-14K price range... I just can't hold my hands that high for something that just mows...
    But thanks for the reply... I will head to the next county and take a look at them, the nearest dealer is in Sterling, OH.
  4. TriCountyLawn

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    Grasshoppers and Dixie Choppers are great for farm mowing. Personally if space isn't an issue I prefer an out front mower. just my .02
  5. mrsmucker

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    My dad uses a Dixe Chopper on his side of the farm... all be it older, he hasn't been real impressed.

    I'll look around and see what kind of dealerships we have for them as well. Thanks
  6. heather lawn sp

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    I'd double check that engine it's listed as a Yanmar not a Kubota. We have been using a 60" John Deere 997 with R 4 tires for your kind of application
  7. mrsmucker

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    You are so correct... I have that same Yanmar engine in my Komatsu WA30 wheel loader, my Komatsu PC50UU track hoe and my Yanmar V3 wheel loader... it's a great dependable engine... Don't know why I made that typo mistake... thanks.

    I'll look into the 997 as well... Might be at the Deere dealership later today.

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