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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by joe7588, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. joe7588

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    I'm curious how many of you actually do organic programs on a large scale. Like 250 accounts or more strictly organic. just wondering how reallistic it is.
  2. nocutting

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    Hi Joe, Welcome to Lawnsites Organic Forum:waving: .....I was wondering, what do you mean exactly? it possible to have 250 organic only accounts?...........are there 250 people in my area that want an organic provider?...........the answer to the 1st 2 questions is a definite YES, organics are very popular in your area / state........or are you asking if its possible to be able to handle 250 accounts?.....I think the answer is YES also, based on a typical LCO, 1-man treating 15-30 services per day [ depending on size/ sq. footage] x 5 service days per week, x 5-6 weeks per service period [ that gives you plenty of leeway for rain days or non service days. typically 1-full time service person can handle over 300 accounts........did I answer your question?payup
  3. joe7588

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    Thanks for responding, I know its physically possible to have that many accounts. I myself have over 350 fert. accounts, but none are organic. I guess I should of phrased my question a little differently. I'm trying to see if anyone has been able to build a strictly organic company, that has been able to handle a large number of accounts, maintain a high quality of turf and most importantly
    keep the customers happy with how the lawn looks.
  4. green_mark

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    We have been doing this since 1986. For a short time many years ago we added a chemical option and then ended it a short time later. Other than that blip in judgment many years ago we have been providing lawn care without "traditional pesticides".

    In the last 5 years we have expanded into Canada and serviced over 6,000 acres of commercial properties plus over 8,000 acres of residential using all "Edible" ingredients.

    We have developed products which are exempted from registration under the FIFRA ACT SEC (25)b and in many cases also exempted from state registration. No posting or notification required!

    All this was not easy. It has been a difficult path but the hard work has create a solid program which has been much easier to duplicate.

    Split photo of weed plot.JPG

    Split photo weed control.JPG
  5. cenlo

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    The "organic" portion is basically a difference in the fert you choose! The problem will be dealing with the weeds.

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