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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by PTSolutions, May 11, 2010.

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    we do the maintenance work at this church and they have a field that is quite a mess. apparently they were under the impression that the field had been cleared, rough graded and seeded and they wanted us to mow it.

    well, i took a walk through the field and there are pieces of concrete, rebar, pvc pipe, asphalt and other junk scattered throughout, maybe 2-4 yds worth of material that would have to be hauled out. i told them i wasnt putting my mower in that field till something is done and they are worried about being cited for overgrowth as the weeds/grass is approaching 12-16 inches at this point.

    i gave them the option of having us clear the field of the major debris then i can come in with a 3pt or rough cut mower to buy them some time. they also asked me to submit a bid for a re-seed of the area.

    now, the area in question is roughly 55,000 sq. ft, composed of a 248'x214' rectangle that contains all the junk, and a smaller portion that branches off that rectangle that is clear for the most part.

    the area contains very little topsoil, lots of gravel in the top 1-2" of mixed dirt which is why the weeds are thriving. i have the equipment and means to prep the site, my concerns are regarding the actual seeding, this field is prolly a good 700-1000' away from the building across a parking lot, so im not sure they would even water the area once i apply the seed & starter fert. I dont have a hydroseeder and could work with a company that would come in and apply after i prep the site.

    my questions to you guys are how would you handle the watering situation? what to do with the current growth? i was thinking about cutting it down then coming in and spraying a non-selective herbicide to kill off the growth then using a harley rake or rockhound to prep the surface then bring in about 2" of topsoil onto with the seed would go.

    i know they are cost-conscious which is why im thinking 2" topsoil max, i would like to go 3-4" if possible but i dont believe they'd be able to pay for that.

    any suggestions?
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    Is it a field or is it a yard? Big difference in my book.

    If it were me, and I was bidding on a complete make over to creat a finish yard. This would be a $12 to $15000.00 repair. Once you do the math for rough cut mowing, disking (Disking will pull up more debris making the area safer) clean up of debris, material import, price of an acre + in top soil, Trucking, spreading the material, finish prep, Fert/seeding, and mulching the price is fair.

    As for watering, put it in the contract that you are not responcible for any watering. But you can be hired to do it at X amount of $ per time. I have done this on some smaller jobs, and it helps pay for the smaller job head aches.

    If it were just a field, just keep it rough cut once a month, go out and pick up as much debris as you can, and let it go.

    Chances are if the powers that be at the church didn't care enough to walk the area before it was seeded to inspect the work then the aren't going to care about whats out there now.

  3. PTSolutions

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    thanks jpg, i was hoping you'd chime in here. your quote was right in line with what i was thinking, when i first saw the field 10,000 popped in my head but after the walk through i was thinking more around 13,000.

    im going to give them the situation report and what they are probably going to end up doing is have us hand pick the larger stuff for now, then i'll rough cut it once a month (what they were wanting to begin with) until they have a chance to save up some more money, possibly next year or so to begin the seeding work.

    as for watering, i believe there is a hydrant nearby so i can get the water co. to install a meter and reducer so i might run a manifold off a timer so that way i can get multiple zones going, and i'll have plenty of flow for 4 zones.

    ill check some things and get back when i have a better idea of the flow of work.
  4. stuvecorp

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    The hard part is they likely don't have or really want to spend lots of money for a vacant field. The hydroseeding would be the cheap part. You could do a temporary watering system if you can hook up to the hydrant.
  5. mdlwn1

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    Remove the junk...mow it down...plant K31 in the fall...right over the top of water needed. That is a 1-2k job.....lololol
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    I would hire your local ag company to come in and spray it down with roundup to burn the crap all down first. The pick up/work up all the crap and seed/straw it all about late august or september, thus no water needed.
  7. P.Services

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    thats a one day job EASY. put three guys and two machines on it. Hand seed it and straw it, do it in the fall and no water is needed, throw some extra annual rye in the mix and it will be perfect.

    with out running the numbers i could bid that under 5k and still make a KILLING on it.
  8. PTSolutions

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    its the prep work to the field thats gonna cost em $$$. to properly grade it as is, youd need a d4 size dozer to get it nice and flat enough so that no one twists an ankle through there.

    the whole top layer is mixed in with gravel a good 2" down. A harley rake on my rc100 would take to long to get this properly prepped. im going to be sitting down with them soon to see what they want out of this field, if they want to be able to use it then it will cost them $$, if they just want it green with minimal weeds and minor grading then ya, it should come under $7K when all is said and done.

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