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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Corby Dieu, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. Corby Dieu

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    I have an opurtunity to bid on a job hand planting a very large amount of bare root seedlings. At this time I am not sure about what kind they are, will no more tommorow. If anyone can give me some detailed feed back on exactly how they would do this I will very much appreciate it.
  2. NCSULandscaper

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    Do you want to know on how to bid them or how to plant them?
  3. Corby Dieu

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    I guess I wasnt very clear, lack of rest does that. Any info on both how to plant and bid would be most apreciated. A little while ago I did learn more about the job. It involves 150000 hardwood seedlings being planted on 10 ft centers 436 to an acre. Exactly 344 acres. I know this info sure ought to stir up some posts, please give me your opinions and info.
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    call the couty extension office and see if they have a tree planter to rent. If your lucky and they do its real easy then 2 guy behind the planter dropping in the seedling and stepping them down. If you have to do it all by hand I would charge 25 cents each and just buy a bunch of planting spades and get as many strong backs as you can and go at it. Good Luck

  5. Peach

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    Yeah...that's a lot of trees.

    Small auger on a skidster. Use several machines and several men unless you have about a year to do this. Plant with feet. 2 men behind each machine/row planting alternately.

    This only if the tree planter isn't possible. Those are nifty machines. Though I haven't seen them used I have seen photos and descriptions.

    Hand shovels? No way.

    Predicting debate. I am not suggesting auger planting B&B. Bare root seedlings are different and the bigger the aeration the better for the baby tree. What about watering?

    This is a BIG job. Just guessing I'd want six planting machines and 18 guys before I'd try this....again unless you have all of next year to do it.

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