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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by R. Carney, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. R. Carney

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    who makes the best large valves - 2"-3"? I have a 12 acre system to design, and want it to last. Normally use Nelson, but they dont go that big

  2. JeffY

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    I recommend Rainbird's PGA or PEB series valves. They go up to 2" size outlet. I would pick the valve according to what your GPM is and what the PSI would be. The size of the intended irrigated lot shouldn't determine what size valve to use. We typically go from 2 1/2" main to 1 1/2" valve back to 2" lateral.
  3. jerryrwm

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    If your budget is not too tight, I would recommend the Weathermatic 8200 series in brass if you needed a 3" valve. At 200 GPM the pressure loss is around 4.6 psi. But they are pretty spendy.

    The Weathermatic 11000 Series in 2" is a good commercial grade valve with a loss of 5.2 psi at 100 GPM. Good proven valves.

    The Rainbird 2" PESB Valve is another good choice. 4.2 psi at 100 GPM.

    The PGA Rainbird in the angle configuation has a 3.2 loss at 100 GPM

    There are others out there that might do the job for a while but not that I'd recommend based on personal experience.

    Just loop a 2-1/2" or 3" main line and then you can, as Larry The Cable Guy would say, "Git 'R Done!"

    Jerry R
  4. HBFOXJr

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    The last really large job I did I used RB PEB's. But I've also developed a lot of faith in Hunter valves as well.

    My last very large job gave me lots of opportunity to do things my way. So rather than just intall the valve off the main, we installed a short 2" sched 80 toe nipple and a 2" pvc slip socket ball valve on both sides of the valve to isolate it incase there is a problem. It's not expensive to do and it can be fit into a jumbo rectangular valve box.

    It came in handy when the main was damaged by others several times and pvc chunks moved downstream to the valve and caused a problem.
  5. johndarron

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    For 2" valves I like Irritrol Ultra flows and Hit Pro Series. If I need a valve larger than 2" I turn to Bermad (2" through 6") or to Weathermatic Brass Valves. If you need more info let me know. Email is

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