LARGE Wood pile removal bid help

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by nolatoolguy, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. nolatoolguy

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    I told the landlord ide have a price by monday when hes back in town. I am unsure about how to remove all this. Theres no way to get a skid steer back there.

    I can easily split the wood in my spare time its just getting it out and back home. Ime strugling with estimating how long its gonna take with how many guys. Any tips or advice in bidding this job.

    Ive got three saws so thats not a issue. Ime thinking if I do it I will rent a stakebed truck with a liftgate or a small dump like a f550 or something like that.

    Any advice appreciated and considered.


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  2. knox gsl

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    Rent a log splitter and start processing. Load into your trailer as you go when full then take and stack it somewhere till winter and then sell it. I wouldn't do that job for less than $600
  3. White Gardens

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    If you've got a gate that is 36" wide, then you can get a mini-skid back there.

    If that's the case, watch out for the bucket though, sometimes they have a bit wider bucket on the machine making it only go through 40" gate.

    I've been able to raise the bucket on my mini skid over 5 foot fences in order to take loads through 36" gates.

    That or just take a fence panel out and replace it when done.

    1 guy with a min skid and proper trailer could get that out in 4 hours.

  4. Mowingman

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    Two helpers, a hydraulic splitter, two wheelbarrows, and a trailer or pickup should be all you need. Looks like about a 3 hour job, plus unloading time on other end. If it is good wood, sell it this winter. If it is trash wood, haul it to the landfill, and, be sure and add dumping fees.
    Can't tell for sure, but likes like maybe a cord, or a cord and a half.
  5. nolatoolguy

    nolatoolguy LawnSite Member
    from Midwest
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    I forget to mention, the guy doesnt want it split there onsite. He was very specific about that. I dont get it but if hes gonna pay me I must respect his wishes.

    I originally thought about the idea of renting a mini skid but then backed away from it because thats additional cost and the bucket wouldnt fit. I know when I rented a dingo lastime it a was a 42" bucket. Ime sure I could see about getting it with a different buck as they also rent other atachments. I havent checked out bobcat mini rentals so ime gonna go do that tommorow probably and see if they have a grappe bucket just to make it easier and if it will fit through the gate witch is 34"(i measured when i was there)

    Either way ime not sure how many trips ile have to make with my truck ive only got a f150 and 14' trailer. Ime thinking two big or three medium trips. But then another trip to get the mini skid there and one to get it back to the rental center.

    The more I think it doesnt seem to big of a job, looked like alot more when I first saw it but as ime planning it doesnt sound to bad.

    This still brings up the question how much to charge for the sole removal.

    I will split later on on the side in my downtime with my splitter i already god and pile it in the yard like I have some there now.
  6. White Gardens

    White Gardens LawnSite Fanatic
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    You need to find a Ditch Witch or Vermeer dealer close and see what they have for rental.

    Not only does those two machines have a dedicated platform to stand on, but the dump height will allow you to raise the bucket completely up and over the fence while you drive through the gate.

    That or ask them if they have a narrow bucket for it.

    And, that's not a big job.....:laugh:, wuss.... LOL

  7. dc240nt

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    from NW MN
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    The guy can run an ad on craiglist advertising free firewood and get it cleaned up for free.
    Do you really want the job? If so, then I wouldnt think a high bid will get it. Covering your expenses may be hard to do.
    Around here firewood sells for $75.00 per cord delivered split.
    This may be one of those situations where it could be wiser to just leave it all alone.

    I recently had a Lady ask me to bid the removal of 2 yds of small rock and 2 yds of black dirt from one of her rental properties. I knew she wasnt going to pay my price but I gave it to her anyway. I suggested she run the craigslist ad and give it away. It was gone within 2 days and they did a bang up job with the clean up as well.

    My point is, when people can get something done for free it will be very hard to rationalize why they should pay you $600.00 to do it for them.

    Personally, I'd leave this one to the people who have wood burning heat or those that sell it.

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