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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by forestfireguy, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Guys, I have a few questions. Most often I am on the Hardscaping forum since thats been the focus as of late but we are looking into possibly moving towards commercial maintenance to be more in line with our main focus of business which is commercial snow. We do service some decent sized commercial sites now but need to get more Volume. We have been having good success signing 12 month contracts, which gives the best of both worlds, the client gets a fixed expense and we get garruanteed cash flow, we cap the snow and bill per inch over the cap so there is no chance of losing money if we have a bad winter. My questions are, if you guys are in the northeast what are you looking at charging per acre to cut and trim? Does one crew do it all or do you have a detail crew to go and prune/fert/mulch /weed and such?? We feel that we don't have enough commercial business to move forward full force without some reseach on what others are doing. Also how do you charge for travel time? We are about an hour away from the prime office/industiral areas we'd like to target. And lastly, how much if at all will you discount a really large site, like something yuour creww will have to be at all day?? Logistcally it seems worth a discount if there is no travel and all their time is dedicated to work. Thanks guys I appreciate any insight you can give.
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    we can wipe out 5 $35 lawns in an hour, no problem. they are in the 10k range. dont start giving out discounts for large jobs, you dont have the driving time, but you will be working your guys harder without the in and out the truck breaks, they will slow down. the mowers use alot of fuel when running 8 hrs straigt too. i shoot for $60/hr min per ZTR but we are very efficient. we can easily run that up over $100hr per ZTR at times. dont put all your eggs in one basket too, you can loose that one nice account and still have 20K in mower payments left. just my oppinion and there are plenty of oppinions on here from guys making$200-$400 a day. be careful who you listen too.

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