Larger Tires on Fixed Deck Hydro Walk Behind?

Coral Lawn Care

LawnSite Member
Cape Coral, FL
It's getting close to the time to start replacing my tires, and I was curious if anyone messed around much with larger drive tires on their fixed deck hydros. My Bob-Cat 52" is using 16x6.5-8's right now, but I'm considering jumping up to 18x6.5-8's or 18x7.5-8's after hearing some feedback of a smoother ride and a higher top speed. Am I right in understanding that the 7.5's will fit on the stock 6.5 rims? Did anyone find much deck unleveling going from 16's to 18's? I doubt I'll know exactly how much the higher drive tires will mess with the height of the cut until I measure it exactly, but I figure I'd ask.

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