Larger Trucks to Avoid Emissions Junk

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by 4 seasons lawn&land, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Trucks that make 773hp on #2 only don't go in for warranty work:cool2:

    Average joe needs to wait 100k miles to rip it out though, you are correct.
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    The thing I do not get is that all of the emissions crap hurts the fuel mileage of the vehicles which makes them burn more fuel and pollute more. If they didn't put the crap on there it would help the fuel mileage which equals less fuel burned. One would think that if your burning less fuel you would be polluting less. Also, we are suppose to be running out of oil anyways. Less fuel burned= less oil used. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Its all about the government and the almighty dollar.
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    Our fire department got our new tanker this past spring. The truck itself is a 2009 international with the Maxxforce9 engine. The engine is a smooth running engine and has plenty of power. When you compare this truck to our two engines (one a 1989? and one a 1994) it does run cleaner. There is little to no black smoke coming out of the exhaust that I see on both other engines. I can't speak for the fuel economy since we don't track that. Despite all the emissions stuff on it, it is a nice engine.
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    Yes, us "stupid people" (according to the libs in congress) can't figure this out, but they have our solutions made already. The result is dpf, etc. The libs in congress are idiots and can't seem to figure out that burning more fuel is probly a lot worse for the environment than a little soot into the air. What the guy above did with the dpf delete is the best thing you can do, diesel trucks run better and cleaner with a straight pipe than the stupid dpf. It's all a crock and about saving mother earth. Al Gore is very smart, deceiving the idiots into believing his scheme (in which he should be arrested for a ponzi scheme, forget madoff) and making milions and worst of all, influencing lawmakers....:dizzy:

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