Largest Landscape Project Yet...

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by RedMax Man, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Marek

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    Pulling and dragging that hose will kick your butt by the end of the day. Its still a 2 man operation if you have to use any amount of hose. We loaded ours with a skid on larger jobs. They are nice machines, but very expensive to maintain. They are great on bigger beds but tree rings arent worth fooling with. Someone who has some time on the machine can make good time, but someone new will make more of a mess than its worth. We ran into alot of dust problems for a while. Awsome machine for top dressing. Syzer if you can get into some of the jobs in AA county, your machine can pay for its self quickly.They wont release a grading bond until there is 85-90 percent coverage.
  2. RedMax Man

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    No its the same old truck. Just updated the front end over the winter. Thanks!

    Yes he has a CAT skidsteer that he brings to the larger jobs. He's still kinda young in his late 20's so he's working his way up. First season with the blower.
    I think he's doing ok and he has alot of other equipment including a Hydroseeder, 20' Haulmark enc. trailer, 2 walkers, CAT skidsteer, 2005 F-350 diesel, handtools firewood equipment, plows... the list goes on.
    Yeah they did the 5 trees with a wheel barrow. Even this rig saves alot of time its still rigorous work.
  3. M&MLawn

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    Got contact info for the mulch blower company? I want to see if they are interested in a job up here if it works out.

  4. RedMax Man

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    Sent you PM with info.
  5. Lawn Enforcer

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    Wow! Absolutely wow! You sure have proven yourself in the landscape business, from jobs you posted last year to this one, keep it up! Good luck to you this year!
  6. RedMax Man

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    Thanks for the compliments and support. Same to you!
  7. O'BrienLawn&Landscape

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    How much does a mulch blower like that cost? Excellent work by the way
  8. RedMax Man

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    About $50,000.

    Thanks I tried.
  9. deere615

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    Wow thats awesome. You do great work. Alot of my mulch/cleanup jobs around here are much smaller, by the way your new trailer looks nice!
  10. TomberLawn

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    Trudeau, great looking job. I didn't realize you are only 18 and doing work like that and with some great equipment. I want to get into mulch/material blowing in the Charlotte area in a few years.

    Utility Dave, those blowers will only make you want more. Try to borrow a good blower from somebody and do a couple of jobs, then go get the biggest backpack you can get. If you're going to do a lot of cleanups, get a huge blower, like an Echo PB-755, Stihl BR550 or 600, or RedMax 8000. If you're only going to do a few cleanups, a smaller backpack will do, but more power is almost always better. Look on for a starter blower for cheap if you need to. I wouldn't sink $130 in a blower that doesn't have much power and that won't last a long time. I'm not sure how close Norway, Maine, is to Bangor, but somebody has a 5hp Billy Goat blower for sale on craigslist for $200. This would be a monster for cleanups. You might not need something that big, but check around garage sales and pawn shops for bigger blowers.

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