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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Mar 30, 2002.


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    What's the highest overbid ( intential or unintential ) you've submitted for a mowing account and got the job??? Mine would have to be a commercial account that I bid @ $50/cut. Takes 25 mins to mow and blow and 10 mins to weedeat ( everyother cut ).

  2. 65hoss

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    I bid on a property that I didn't want. I was hoping to way overbid so I wouldn't get it. 4200 sf of grass and very little trimming for $82.50 weekly, and a 10,000 sf section every 2 weeks for $175. I guess I should have been higer, he likes the price and if he gets the house I got the job.

    Lots of mulch work, about 300 shrubs to trim, aerating work, etc. He's the on-call DR. for several large US companies, so it no big deal for him. He wants this house as a status symbol. Only him and his wife, and the house is 3 story 8,500 sf with a 2 bay garage and then another 4 bay garage. Picture on of the houses from the Beverly Hillbillies.
  3. A.U.steve

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    The largest overbid l have is a job 30' by 30' for $75 it takes me 8 minutes.
  4. TJLC

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    The only one I can think of is: I did a vacant lot (10,000 sf) that was about 2-3 feet high. It took me about 2 hrs to mow and make look nice. I charged them $100.00 and they gladly paid it.
  5. Green Star

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    I recently bid on a small city common grounds, medians, and a park, the contract went out for $56,000, one company, no lie, bid $177,000!!!!
  6. tlcservices

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    the largest i over bid over the winning bid was $256,000.00 but there was that much work to be done.didnt get it didnt care.
  7. Brickman

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    My worst over bid on a job that I wanted was $200. Another contractor that was just starting cut my by that much, thinking that he was going to make good $$. He didn't. Later realized why my bid was what it was. He stayed less than me, but did raise his price this year.

    My best paying job was a very nasty weed mow for the local Air Force base. No body else wanted the work, and I got the bid. After all expenses, and even paying the help an extra bonus of $100 a piece, my take home on that job was $250 an hour. Not bad. That is how it is working for the government.
  8. ohiolawnguy

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    we put in a bid on a condo complex a few years back. we were already aware of the landscaper at the times price of 140,000.
    but, after surveying the property we put in a bid of $216,000.

    needless to say, we didnt get the account. i still cant see how they were charging that price and making any money. the place was downright huge, and needed around 1400-1500 yards of mulch alone.
  9. nelbuts

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    about 10 years ago I bid this big property. I found out later that I was the second lowest bidder. The company that got the job beat me out by $96,870.00 per year!! Oh well let them have it.
  10. Brickman

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    One thing to keep in mind when you get beat out by that much. You know what your time is worth, you know how much material you will put into the job, and if some body else is THAT much cheaper than you, THAT is how much they just SHAFTED THEMSELVES for.
    If they want to work for free, let them.
    We have contractors around here that work for so little it makes me wonder how in the world they can buy day to day supplies, fuel, air filters, etc, let alone any thing new when old equipment goes down.

    We are not in this business for our health.

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