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Yes, Larry was &lt;b&gt;permanently&lt;/b&gt; banned from the forum I moderate. He was attacking other visitors, many of whom also visit this forum. I refused to tolerate this behavior for obvious reasons.<p>I am offering dealer information because my local Toro dealer gave me a price for a Z255 that was $2700 higher than the dealer I am referring to. I decided to deal with dealers who were over 200 miles from home. That's all the motivation I need. I am a contractor myself, not an equipment dealer.<p>Common sense dictates I couldn't get a commision without somehow letting the dealer know I referred a customer. If I don't know your name, I couldn't attribute the referral to myself, now could I?<p>Lawrence Stone conducts himself as a man with little moral fiber. He will soon attack others, just as he is currently attacking me. Don't take my word for it, just watch his posts.<p>John <p>P.S. Anyone who is interested in the phone number to those dealers, please email me.
Yes do e-mail retro for he needs your real<br>name to get his commission.<p>He was not happy for I was cutting in on his<br>&quot;action&quot;.<p>Everytime he would recommend a new expensive<br>piece of equipment I would reply by suggesting the equilivent used equipment<br>availabe at at Ed Wagners site<br>which is a sponser of this forum.<p>May the light of truth shine brightly on all.


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retro, i think this guy needs to be kicked off this forum too! there is no need for anyone who dilibertly makes up nonsense just to start conflict. when i posted before i was goin buy what he said.


Come on guys.. please don't add any more logs to the fire. Lets keep our discussions on topic and PLEASE Lawrence Stone let the administration make the calls about what we think are spam or spam related. I am closing this thread and expect this to be the last post concerning this matter.


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Mr. Stone, <p>May I add my .02 worth. Your overall expertise in this field is immeasurable. Your knowledge of the industry abounds. Your ability to educate, clarify things, and generally help people get farther into this business. I for one can use all the help I can get to grow this business into what I want it to become. I also feel there are others out there that could learn from you. I don't, unfortunately, feel they can be taught using your current methods of instruction. I haven't seen anyone else on this forum be so abrasive as yourself, and your other self. There are ways to convey messages that will educate others and then there are your ways. I may be the only one to comment on this post but I think you COULD be helpful in the proper frame of mind. I hope this is not too offensive to you because I am only trying to help, not criticize. Constructive criticism is good when applied at the right time and in the correct amounts, just like fertilizer! Hope this helps, if not, too bad, experience is the best teacher and I'm sure you could be a great one.<p>Homer
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