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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by curlawngreen, Sep 16, 2000.

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    Larry I am looking to buy a cheap walk behind. I would like to know how the Toro holds up. I have a Snapper hydro but they have become to fond of them, TO MUCH MONEY. I like the T-bar steer. Help if you can

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    I feel the toro walk behinds are the only way to go for the money I got 4 of them and think they are the sh*& I bought 3 of them new and one that was used all have treated me well a belt here and there otherwise trouble free


  3. Lots of old gear drives for sale in FLA. Try

    The most desirable model is the 52" deck with a Kohler Twin
    magnum or command engine. Don't settle for a single cylinder
    engine if you plan to use it as a front line mower.

    A fleet of old gear drives is the way to go with employees.

    Try to assign a machine to each employee so they feel some
    responsibility to maintain it better.

    And remember for every machine you put on the street every day you will need another back in the garage for back up
    when running hand me down gear drives.
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    Looked over at turfquip 48" for 2300.00 Why the 52"? Deck past wheel? Better cut? More productive of course. I have never run transmission type before, but I don't think spending $10,000 on a mower is the way to go.I think paying a person $10,000 to run a route would be better. Give him or her 35 accounts and let em go. I get $20,000 and no WALKER mower.Is this part of how to make a $1,000,000 off of $5,000?
  5. curlawngreen

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    No luck on traderonline.TORO could be like my snapper, no need to get rid of it. How much new?
    Thanks Tim

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