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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by anthony, Apr 25, 2002.

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    i picked-up a used tank sprayer last yr. i donot have much experience useing one .i mainly use granular and spray useing my ride-on or a b/g sprayer.

    i marked off 500 sf today and sprayed it in 30 seconds so thats 1000 sf in 1 min. is that the norm? i know alot has to do with speed psi ect...

    my pressure is under 100 psi cnem lawn gun with a yellow nozzle.
    and i plan on spraying momentum.
    i ran out of time tonight i need to check the amount sprayed in a bucket in 1 min.

  2. HBFOXJr

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    Ant- why aren't you using the Perma-G?
  3. anthony

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    harold: man i would not live with out it!!!!!!

    i use it but i have a few round-up jobs and one big bed spray job that requires momentum which i will use that tank spreader...
    what changes did you or are you going to make to your ride-on?
    are you useing the same nozzles?

    one thing i would like to do is install a manual drain for the tank.

    the other is to bulid a wooden "catch box " that will catch all the granular product so it would be easier to adjust the spreader pattern... to hard to explain now.
  4. tremor

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    You're one half there. Also do a timed bucket check to determine output in GPM. I'd use 30 seconds too. If you deliver 2GPM & cover 1000sqft feet per minute, then you're applying 2 gal/1000.

    For roundup in beds & waste areas, a blue spray colorant might be helpful while you develope your technique.

    That gun generally performs to spec at around 40psi.

    Parking lot practice with straight water is very useful training. On a warm day select an empty asphalt lot in full sun. As the water dries, you'll see all your light & heavy areas very clearly. I train people with the LESCO/ChemLawn Gun to hold the gun about 30 degrees & move it quickly enough (side to side) to stike any given object 3 times. Make it a point to overlap back to your foot prints on the next pass. "Triggering" in the trim areas is the hardest task to master. Parking lot practice will help prevent burned or missed trim.

    Remember, the spot you start in isn't sprayed when you're standing on it.

  5. HBFOXJr

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    I use the nozzles shipped with my machine that do 1 pt/K or 64K on an 8 gal tank. I think they are shipping with 32 K nozzles as some people were not comfortable at a pint.

    My unit has a valve in the under tank manifold that is for filling the spray bottle. I pump out thru that if necessary. If you have an older one yo may not have that.

    You may not have the same hopper as me either as I think they changes that. I have a shutter that I can move with a cable and I keep the shutter moved to the far right as you stand on the unit. That gets more to the left side.

    I'm gonna add an easy on/off boom assy that may do 10 or 12 ft for apps where I want a little more precision than the weed spray or for wide area spray only. I may change the pump to handle more volume for the boom as well.
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    Sorry to sound ignorant, I'm a furloughed pilot going to be working for my father in-law. I've worked for him in the past but that was about 8 yrs. ago and I'm kinda forgetting the technique. When you are spraying (blanketing) the entire lawn pre/ it okay to spray the existing weeds a little harder? We are using chaser right now.

    Yes I am licensed. I guess it may also be too late as I have already done about 75 lawns. It has been pretty cool out though in CT.

    Thanks for the info, and sorry to bring up an old least I searched first.
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    Flyer. No need to apply extra where there is a big weed. And...risk of applying excess--could be a big burn spot. Calibrate carefully --apply the right amount--no problem. Dandelions do not need extra--easy to kill.

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