Laser... 18" tires instead of 16"?


Laser ... or anyone else who may have done this.
When you changed the tires on your turf tracers to 18" did you also raise the front to keep the deck pitch as it came from the factory?
The extra 2" would increase your speed ... maybe 1-2 mph?


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If you put those tires in the back, I wouldn't worry TOO much about the pitch of the blades changing that much. The whole rear of the mower is only elevated an inch higher.

Richard Martin

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A Lazer does what, around 9.5 MPH? A 15" tire is about 47" around and a 17" tire is about 53" around for an increase of 6". That translates into a 13% increase of travel for every revolution of the tire or about 10.7 MPH.

I took 13" tires off of my GRAVEly and replaced them with 15" tires. It went from 6 MPH to 7.2 MPH. I believe I have the fastest walkbehind on Lawnsite. Anybody wanna race?


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I DO have 18" (18x8.50x8) tires on the back of my Turf Tracers.

We lower the back HOC pins down 1 peg and then shim with 1-2 washers under the front HOC (they come with 1, we add 1-2 more) and measure to level. You just need to remember to have the back 1 step lower than the front when changing HOC.

I'm not sure how much faster they go, but it does increase productivity, helps with curb climbing and the wider width (8.50 instead of 7.50) decreases tire tracking.

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