Laser edge eversharp blades

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by MowDaddy, May 23, 2019.

  1. OP

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    A set of blades lasts me 300 - 400 hrs.
    I buy everything from my dealer, to order online to save $40 per set is just not worth it.
    My big cost is sharpening, not blade cost.
    Also my dealer is also my client.
    I buy locally 100% if I can if I pay more local it helps local economy which helps me.
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  2. rippinryno

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    I got ya.

    It says nothing about rocky soil either. It simply says "rocks, curbs, stones, and other hard objects" Which in my opinion would apply to all blades, fancy or not fancy.

    I would say on average the laser blades are 2x's more than the normal blade. I hope it does save you though in the long run, however I am skeptical since these don't benefit us in the midwest like they do for the people who run sandy soil and have to sharpen every day. I know that you are expecting them to benefit you more than the sandy soil people, but according to the company, that's not the case. I can get by without sharpening for several days, sometimes a week or more when the growth slows, and they can't do that in florida.

    You're truly not going to get several hundreds of hours out of these blades with great performance without sharpening. Just not gonna happen, I would love for you to prove me wrong, but i'm skeptical and I think if you set your expectations lower, you might be more satisfied, because currently you're shooting for a miracle blade. We all know if it's too good to be true, then it's too good to be true.
  3. OP

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    Trust me, I'm as sceptical as you.
    But, if it can save even 5-6 sharpenings per mower each month, I will be tickled pink.
    I have roughly 18 acres on blades now.
    I just poked my head under deck they look darn good. Tomorrow morning I'll pull mower down ramp and get a pic.
    And post it.

    On another note. My main guy on the 2 man crew just got back with truck.
    Hit a metal rod laying in grass by the hwy. Wrecked a brand new set of 52" blades. Oh boy !!
  4. OP

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    Really ryno ?
    This is what gets annoying.

    I out right said I was wrong about (sandy) soil.

    But you lawyer up and post.
    Laser Edge qoute, above as it says rocks and stones, but didn't mention (rocky soil)
    Technically it didn't mention rocky soil.
    You win !!

    But where else would the rocks be ?
    Suspended in the grass?
  5. OP

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    20190531_212334.jpg 20190531_213018.jpg

    Kinda hard to get a good pic under deck but after 18 acres, paint is gone leading edge will still cut your finger if you'd slide it down blade.
    So far no complaints.
    Also ground up many branches and 1 baseball.
    18 acres would equal 72 - 1/4 acre lots.
    Any of you guy's that mow smaller lots
    Would you normally sharpen after 72 houses?
    If so, no need to yet.
    Next update will be around 40 acres.
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  6. TrainingWheels

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    Thanks for the update.....Seriously thinking about some of these for my Prostance. Love the real world reviews.


  7. Cam15

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    I would, but I run over a lot of sticks.
  8. Mark Oomkes

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    Very impressive so far.
  9. rippinryno

    rippinryno LawnSite Silver Member
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    at least it wasn't with the laser edge blades!
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  10. OP

    MowDaddy LawnSite Fanatic
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    Some where between 40-45 acres now.
    Have not sharpened blades.
    Still cutting like new. Very slightly blunted on tip. Even though the tip is slightly rounded, the cutting edge is still sharp at the round over. And 1 ding from a rock or somthing. If you zoom you can see the dent.
    On my oem blades I would have for sure had 2 sharpenings by now.
    So far I am not disappointed. 20190609_183712.jpg 20190609_183656.jpg

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