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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by JWW, Mar 3, 2002.

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    I have been browsing the eXmark web site and I like what I see. I cannot find the msrp of the zero turn riders listed on the site for comparison. What is the retail price difference between the Z and the Z HP? Yes, I realize the Z pricing starts with a 52" deck versus the HP starting with a 44". I'm just wondering msrp price difference between the two. I would be using for home use. Thanks!
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    I paid $6,500 for a 2002 Lazer Z (52 inch deck) with a 20 HP Kohler last December. I live in New Jersey and bought the unit in New Jersey. As with you, I will be using the Lazer Z for cutting the grass at home. At first, I was looking at the Lazer Z HP with a 48 inch deck but decided to pay a bit extra for the Lazer Z (approx. $500 or so more). The reasons for the Lazer Z purchase was the larger deck and my understanding that the Lazer Z - as compared to the Lazer HP - has better weight distribution between the front and rear (whereas the Lazer HP has less weight in the front - thus is more inclined to "jump" up a bit in the front end). This is what my Exmark dealer told me and I have no reason to doubt his word - he also suggested the Lazer Z over the Lazer HP since part of my yard has some inclines so the extra weight up front will help my control and use over the unit. I used the Lazer Z in the yard once (in December) and I am very pleased with it and its handling over the terrian of the yard. You can't go wrong with a Lazer ZTR! Good luck!
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    The reason you couldn't find the MSRP on our web site is because we don't put it there, but you came to the right place to get some answers! Here are the MSRP's for the 2002 Lazer Z HP's and the Lazer Z's. Always contact your local Exmark Dealer for the most accurate pricing information.:

    44" Lazer Z HP
    17-hp Kawasaki - $6299
    20-hp Kohler - $6599

    48" Lazer Z HP
    20-hp Kohler - $6799
    21-hp Kawasaki - $6999

    52" Lazer Z HP
    20-hp Kohler - $6999
    23-hp Kohler - $7299
    23-hp Kawasaki - $7499

    52" Lazer Z
    20-hp Kohler - $7299
    25-hp Kohler - $8199

    60" Lazer Z
    23-hp Kohler - $7999
    25-hp Kohler - $8499
    25-hp Kawasaki - $8699

    This may be more information than what you were looking for, but I didn't want you to be missing anything. Feel free to e-mail me at if you have any other questions.

    Here to help,

    Exmark Customer Support
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    For your use, go with the Lazer Z HP 23hp Kawi. They are lighter (better), more compact (height & length), cheaper, fewer parts (no mule drive), and just as fast as a Lazer Z. If you have no need for a 60"+ machine, go with the HP. The only downside to the HP is 2.5 gals less fuel capacity.

    Either will serve you for many, MANY years!

    Good Luck

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