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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by sjessen, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. sjessen

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    In the December issue of Landscape Management there is an article entitled Trends from 2016 GIE+EXPO. In that article they discussed the increased use of battery powered equipment, tweets, etc.

    Seems there is a company, Fischer Barton, which is marketing a mower blade which "sharpens itself." The company claims they never need sharpening. The website has pictures of the blades. These blades are being sold through dealers and are available for most brands.

    Have any of you heard of or used them?

    I may see if my dealer can get them and try a set or two. Not sharpening blades would be great.
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  2. KUMA01

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    Yea that would be cool be how does it shArpen itself don't understand that
  3. sjessen

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    According to the website there is a material added to the bottom of the blade which allows it to maintain a sharp edge.
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    Nice find, I'd be interested to try them out!
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  5. sjessen

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    Fischer Barton's website is
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  6. Turf Kare

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    Sounds like a good idea, I'd be interested in trying a set. Long as the price isn't sky high, just gotta find a Dealer....
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  7. Mr Stripe

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    Well that would be nice! :) Surely there would have to be some natural lifespan of the blade though. Even assuming you never hit a rock or foreign object, seems they'd have to eventually wear down.
    All depends,
    Truth to the Science,
    High lift, Low Lift,
    Mulch blade..
    I'm intrigued.
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  8. Highland79

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    So your metal edge wears away to leave a jagged "sharp" polymer coating edge? To save you a couple minutes with a grinder one or 2 times a week?


    3 sets of blades all sharp change takes 2 minutes, spend a couple more retouching the extras once a week during shop time, have a beer while your at it without the wife on your back :drinkup:
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  9. I just watched the video. there is NO WAY the examples they showed cut for .3 hours, much less 30 as they claim. The STICKER and PAINT was still on it after "30 hours of extreme florida sand conditions" severe enough to wear 1/2 of the cutting surface away.

    BS meter pegged
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  10. Ridin' Green

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    Not sure what you are going by to make a claim like that, but IMO, you are way off the beam here. Take a look at the wear to the sails on the higher lift blade they say was run in Fla. The sail shows every bit as much wear as they should for 30 hours of run time. (pause the video to see that at 1:29) The fact that there is a sticker on the second blade is not surprising. They have a new product and are advertising it. No doubt they slapped that back on there after use just for that reason, as it is quite clear that the sticker never saw any time under a deck cutting anything.

    I am not all that impressed with the "look" of the blades after wearing, but a sharp jagged edge is still better than a dull straight edge, and there are clearly times that stopping to change blades is a handicap if not outright PITA....such as cutting in the rain at the end of the day when cutting cleanly is harder to do with dull blades and it is getting dark at the same time, so i can see where these might come in handy if indeed they cut clean even while ragged looking. The thing that I don't agree with in that video is that no matter if that material stays sharp while wearing, a rounded bladed end is going to leave skips, stringer, and/or uncut strips between blade arcs.
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