last application and leaves on the do you handle it?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Oct 30, 2001.

  1. ant

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    each yr. i go through it,last application to
    be applied and leaves on the
    screws up the whole route. i was talking
    to an applicator that does 500+ lawns per
    round and his answer is"they know when
    about the next round is due,if they are not
    up o-well.
    he did say the smaller lawns <2000 sf he
    blows the leaves around.
    how do you guys handle this?
  2. GreenQuest Lawn

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    I only fert the ones I mow so no problems here, just schedual last app within a few days after I mow. Mabey send a letter or call if you dont have a ton of accts.
  3. 1grnlwn

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    Granular Man!
  4. tremor

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    Granular is king over leaves. I worked for a guy who, whenever approached on the subject, would offer to eat any fertilizer picked up during leaf removal.
    I'll never forget the day when one of his oldest customers walked into our office with a small handful of fert in an envelope and made the boss eat it. We nearly died laughing.
    We used the standard: If grass is visible, treat.
    We'd also blow leaves when coverage was too heavy to treat, yet small in area <2000 sq ft.
    The temptation to move larger amounts of leaves is huge when breaking route is the only option, but I wouldn't advise it.
    I have a customer who finishes all their lawns before the leaves fly. They've just started doing deep-root fertilizing of their Tree&Shrub accounts. When those are done, they do Deer-Repellent sprays. When that's done, the leaves will be gone. Their last service is Lime or Gypsum (both pelletized). Most soils are acidic here in the Northeast. They Ph test all lawns so those approaching neutrel get Gypsum. They have all winter to do these. If snow interferes with the schedule, they put some off til the following season. While this approach is not very common, it prevents ever having to break route. The lawns are a little hungry by spring. The bottom line is: No early layoffs and constant flow of revenue without the agravated leaf customers.

  5. tremor

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    I almost forgot.
    One of the most useful tools to make the consumer comfortable, is a short pre-printed informational door hanger tag, explaining the issue. We had these printed on green paper.
    If leaf cover was too significant, we had a red paper door hanger that let them know we attempted to treat and asked the consumer to notify us when the leaves were clean. This one also explained the importance of timely removal to prevent suffocation damage to the turf.
  6. ant

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