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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by simsy71, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. simsy71

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    Hey how do you guys handle this. This is for the few customers who do not want a Fall cleanup. They usually have alot of leaves so when I do a last cut I take care of most of the leaves that are there. I just double what I charge them per cut. I mean they are not getting a Fall cleanup but it pretty damn close.
  2. Runner

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    I would just blast through them and charge for the cut...simple as that.
  3. cedarcroft

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    bnlow the leaves into the beds and cut it.
  4. PR Fect

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    They want fall clean up, and you just gave it too them! I have a real hard time with this no fall clean up. I just do not get it. All of our mowing accounts have had 3 to 4 "cuts" since the leaves have began to fall. We clean up the leaves and mow all at the same time. Only difference than a normal mowing is we do it at T&M rather than the normal ( and lower ) price. And then add a dump fee if we need to remove debris from the property. Never had no one ask us not too do it, everyone pays, and we would never skip the last 4 mowing's just because of leaves. Clean them up and charge them for it. Call it a fall mowing if they do not want a "clean up".

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