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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nobagger, Apr 14, 2005.

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    This will be my last ditch effort in the Green industry! I wrote a thread on lowest price guaranteed some of you said not to and it was not a good idea. But times are tuff and I can't survive on the 12 lawns I have this season, and 4 of those went to a Bi weekly schedule. Ive tried flyer's, local news paper and NOTHING. I also gave about five estimates that I know I would be cutting it close profit wise, and still nothing. Is it me or do people want even more for free this year? Its not that I'm too high in price but no one is calling were as last season my phone rang probably at least 5 times a day into June for estimates. Here is an example of my latest estimate for a Spring clean up,
    5yrds of mulch delivered and spread, trimming a small over grown tree (about 30 mins. of work), cutting new edges around flower beds (aprox. 125-150ft of edging), weeding flower beds and a small amount of leaf removal. For a grand total of $377.00 and the customer said "Oh my God that much" do any of you think this is too high? I sure as heck don't!
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    I usally charge between 450 - 550 for 5 yards installed. Your price seems on the low end for sure but then again you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Sometimes I think to myself that I should be rude to the customer or not talk to them at all and double my price. Sometimes I want to look at them and say "You know what? I could care less about your business, I wont do this job for less that $***, and if you don't like it tough." Then mabye I will have some more luck.

    I can understand getting haggled be a retiree or someone along those lines but I get a little irritated when the guy w/ 2 lexus sitting in front of his 8000sf. house tries to haggle with me.
  3. David Grass

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    Just work for rich people who love you like I do. (actually I know I am blessed, and dont take it for granted)!
  4. brucec32

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    Remember. For a commodity item (jargon for something people perceive as all being the same) all it takes is one idiot who doesn't know how to price and you don't get the bid. Toss enough idiots into the mix and it's hard to ever get good new accounts.

    a) this industry is full of people who don't understand pricing and make quick exits after a year or two

    b) this type of work is seen as a commodity, and a low value one, partly because of some of the human debris out there doing it. It's not right, but many do see it that way.

    c) Anything today seen as "immigrant work" will be percieved by the ignorant masses as something they should get for cheap. You don't go to a fancy restaurant and expect to be served by an immigrant who can't speak english well enough to say more than "supersize?". Show up to work in a business where many use McDonald's employees, and you should expect to get happy meal prices. The typical American doesn't understand how much your mowers or insurance cost. Or care that you play by the rules in terms of taxes and insurance. They just know that everywhere they go and immigrants are doing the work, stuff is cheap. So they expect cheap.
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    Your price sounds low if anything. That customer is not worth it, maybe try targeting more upscale neighborhoods?
  6. nobagger

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    lawnranger do you have a stripping kit for your 36?

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