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    One of my customers turned me into a GC to solve a moisture problem under his brand new wood floors. One of my long time referrals (20 years now) is an awesome drainage guy. 1/2 his work is redos according to him. If you think irrigation is bad drainage for poor workmanship and ineptness is 10 times worse. Any way he came across some of the irrigation. Point out weird stuff. Some is work his guys did. Some is mine.






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    One more pic of the drainage and at my last job in Highland Park I found a couple of beers in an old couples garage. They had a silly controller problem that took 5 minutes so I told them I'd trade the service call for these two beers. I gave one to Henry.


  3. Mr. Bow Raker

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    Photo #1: 1" coupling slipped onto a 3/4" tee? Very nice. LOL

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    Yeah pretty bad. The Hispanic guy that did it was really proud of himself. I debated whether to leave it and sneak back later to redo but decided it would never be easier than now so right in front of him I cut it out. The first pic in the second post is my redo and the only pic of anything I did. I pretty much cut all those messes out and redid.
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    Nice pictures.
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    Now if it was a Dura tee, that coupling could have stayed in place.
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    Were the pipes at that 30"+ depth or just the trench? It amazes me when I see pipes that deep, and scratch my head wondering why.

    hey Mr. Bow Raker, welcome to the site.

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    No, I didn't explain it very well. My buddy is digging the ditch for a french drain and his ditch is that deep. Just happens to be in the same path as an existing irrigation system. I told him to make sure he gets the wire and pipe held up when they pour the gravel in so to avoid having irrigation and drainage 30" below. Also I'm hoping they don't snap a tee pouring gravel in. If you ever tried to find a leak in a french drain and wonder how the pipe got so deep and why it broke this is how it happens.
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    With that gravel having a horrible angle of repose, youd have to dig all day just to get down to your fix. I wouldnt want anything to do with that mess.
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    Reminds me of a repair done after a septic system overhaul. Fixed multiple pipes in multiple places around the leech field and told the backhoe operator to be careful while backfilling. He nodded. He broke every one of em. Lucky for us it was a system we installed so we knew where to dig. Needless to say, no water was going to surface from those breaks.

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