Last Years Dead LED Stuff From NE

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by PlantscapeSolutions, Oct 30, 2012.

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    O actually lean towards the idea that this region I am in just doesn't respond to direct mail. I have a close friend who thinks the demographics are aimed way to high. I don;t know what to believe anymore.

    I also have requested the list time and again for the same reason. Pretty good, shell out that kind of cash, I have only ever seen 1 of the postcards as one of my clients showed me the first one he ever got, interesting enough, he has never gotten one since. You know the old adage, smells like ---- usually is. 2 years, 7k and only 1 call. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. I know that the MN foliage is going to be available at Brite Ideas next year, and the "freestyle" linkable now, sounds like things are not getting any better, but other options are coming to light. Between the product issues, the lack of follow through with some of the new staff - order arrived the other day, still no invoice or shipping info - shipping charges, I have no reason to stay.

    This is going to be the decision year I believe. I still have some lawn signs left from last year, they will be going out, and I have a meeting with one of my clients marketing rep tomorrow. Will see where that goes. She doesn't understand what the issue is either, she looked at pictures of projects I have completed and is scratching her head. I think it is the damn light links on the post cards all the time. It may not be the entire issue, but they don't sell here, and well, I guess I could go on and on, but it won't do anything but aggravate me further, so I am gonna shut up now.
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    What you said about your target demographics being too high might be the root of the issue. I think for the LL products, the target customer is the top 1% incomes, but for C9 jobs with a wreath or garland, there is a big target in the upper middle class bracket, at least in my area. The money is still good (avg. 1300 per sale) and they appreciate the full service model.
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    THats the odd part, we are shooting $250k and up, with several in one area over $1000000
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    I think 250k is a little low, I aim for 400k to 2mil only c-7, min, and greenery, I keep the LL in my back pocket. But have never sold any even on the few I have offered it on.

    I have great luck with signs and postcards delivered to the door or mailed by myself to neighborhoods that lights are hot in.

    I had really good luck with home improvement add-magazines 2 years ago, lot of calls and a lot of new jobs.

    We are at 70 rehangs right now, hope to add around 10 new customers this year and I think we are full, any more and I need to split the crew and I am not ready for that yet.
  5. addictedtolandscaping

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    I wish Scott I got to tell ya.

    We aimed primarily at 750 and up, but back filled down to 250 for numbers.

    Either way, nothing materialized yet. Meeting tomorrow with a marketing rep, and she is leaning really hard towards more internet presence.
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    Never again will I but another LED light link!!!!!!!
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    We got the first rain of the holiday season and the one LL job I did has lost one rectifier. The other two bad links I had at this job were bad out of the box. The bad news is it's a two man job to set up the 32' ladder required to get to the bad LL.

    IMG_7833 resize.jpg
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    Out of the 20 links this year I had two dead out of the box and one died on the house. The older links and I think all of the older LED products had the "always lit technology". This allowed you to lose multiple bulbs but your light string would still work. This is likely the same technology you find in many box store lights. It's not earth shattering technology.

    The new LED lighting products do not use this technology. Instead of being able to replace bulbs at your convenience when a few go out unnoticed by customers you will now have half of your light strings die when one tiny bulb stops functioning. If even one of those notorious tiny copper legs breaks off from a light bulb it will cause a failure and a preventable site visit.

    I only did one house with 2012 LL's this year but I'm worried. This year I only had one failure on the house but there were two in box failures. This house requires two guys and a 32' ladder to get to any of the links. When I can do quick fixes myself it's not a big deal but when one bulbs replacement requires two guys, and a trailer hooked up to haul the ladder it's a big deal. Plus the ladder is on a roof rack so we have to spend time using a second ladder to take down and put back the cumbersome ladder.

    If I had to pay two guys to go replace one tiny bulb it could cost me $100 round trip. Mike has a good Youtube video that shows how to use the light tester on LED lights but we'd still have to remove the lights to easily use the tester. I had two other pieces of new yard art die this year that were a pain to restring. I hate to say it but I think silently killing off the "always lit technology" was a huge step backwards that may be the next fiasco they have to deal with as members get over run with "I have a bad LL or yard art" type calls.

    Moving forward I am going to be even more reluctant to push anything LED by HD unless it had sealed bulbs like 5mm conicals. My HBL sealed M6 LED lights from last year seem to be improved and I wish they could find a way to uses the better sealed units on the LL's as well. The colored caps on the LL's seem to trap moisture over time and cause corrosion instead of protecting against it. I find by season number 3 or 4 a lot of the sockets are ruined by moisture and you can't replace your bad light bulbs.

    Also with prior LL's you could see the bulbs that were out and easily replace them. Now you will have to buy a $100 (Lite Source) tester and waste time looking for the bad bulb that caused the link to fail. Clearly not a step in the right direction in my opinion.

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