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    I've talked to a lot of cutters, and yes they are asking the ZTR manufactures to move the ZTR to the next level. We are working on that, our 72" hit the market this year (sorry you will not see it in most dealers right now, we just don't have them set-up to sell for us yet. On the bright side if you wanted to buy one you could get it factory direct and save a boat load of $$$) We are working on a 61" Articulator i know it will fit the price point and cutting needs of a lot of you guy's, i think it will be fall before we will see it hit the market.
    But if you use 72's why not pm me and get a factory direct price.... Get a 72" turbo diesel Articulator within two or three hundred dollars of the cost of other ridged deck big name 72" diesel mowers out there.. ARTICULATOR 72" NO SCALPING.
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    2 or 3 HUNDRED?

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    That's what i said... I was out looking at some of the other 72" diesel mowers and getting some prices, and yes you can buy factory direct from me at very close to what you'd pay for the others.
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    Are you saying that it is worth 2-3 hundred dollars to buy direct. I would rather spend the extra money and have dealer support. Doesn't sound like a good deal to me. It is saving the manufacturer more then a couple hundred to cut out the middle man. Those other mowers you priced have dealer profit included.

    On the other hand if someone really wanted your mower and had no other way of getting it then that is fine. But money shouldn't be playing a roll in the decision. How would somebody gets their hands on a demo?

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    That's just it, we don't have a dealer network setup yet, we are working on it but it takes time. We will give direct support to the end-user. It's not just 2 or 3 hundred dollars, but we are talking about an ARTICULATOR, found on the best golf courses in the world. Most people don't understand articulation, that's why we are going all out to start getting some articulators in the commercial cutting market. you want to demo a ARTICULATOR? email me at you set a day and time and i will be there.
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    Finally your getting there!!!!!!. When will you do a 60" ?
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    No.... what I'm understanding him to say is that you can buy this baddazz mower DIRECT for ONLY 2-3 hundred more than you would pay for a 'big name' 72" diesel..... now I dunno what he is referring to as 'big name' 72" diesel.... Kubota? Grasshopper? eXmark? Toro? Gravely?

    I think that those who run 72's are missing the boat here if the price range is what I'm assuming. We are talking a golf course level priced machine, discounted down to our level. I mean have you guys seen this thing in the flesh? I HAVE!!! I seldom have much good to say about any equipment. But all I can think of to say about the LOOKS of this machine is WOW! IF it works as good as it looks, the use of 72" machines will increase a great deal once it catches on.

    I think the addition of a 60" that articulates will create entry level snag. Once they see how it works they will step up to the 72" the second time around 'IF' the width can possibly fit. But prices have to be competitive and you have to get that dealer network set up.

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    Trust me we are working on the dealer network, it takes time.. The commercial market don't know how we are yet. Sometimes the best way to get a good dealer is through a commercial cutter, that's why i'm asking you guy's to step up to the plate.. let me demo for you.... remember you guys talk and the dealer listens. lets face it, if you want to cut wider, and jump onto a 72" it don't matter which 72" you get on it will dip and scalps unless the ground is almost perfectly flat. Only the Articulator can give the cut quality of a 25" push mower from it's 72" articulating deck.

    I can work on getting into dealers day in and day out and may still not get my units on there showroom floor. I need you guy's to get on our mowers see what they are about, and then tell your dealer you want the Lastec Articulator. OK, i'm willing to go the extra mile to show a Articulator to a cutter or dealer, i will make the price right and offer on the spot service....

    If anyone wants to start the move to the next level you know my email.

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