Lastec Articulator is the best and so is Shawn White!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HK45Mark23, Nov 20, 2005.

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    Thanks!!! Shane White,

    Hey every one, it was a privilege to meet with and spend most of the day with Mr. White on Friday, (11-18-2005.)

    Mr. White brought with him the 61” and 72” Lastec Articulators.

    I put the 61” Articulator through its paces. I had some fairly steep embankments to mow. They were only 2-3 feet high, but they were steep.

    The 61” Articulator was a dream.

    The controls were smooth, the ride was smooth.

    This is a well designed machine.

    Not only was the controls well thought out but the cut was immaculate.

    I have a particular yard (a church) that has many places that most mowers typically scalp. This yard has some pretty sharp contours. The church and parsonage are both set up on their own mounds and the ground sharply drops off. These drops are fairly steep and the bluffs wrap around the buildings. I believe the rise may be one foot of rise for one foot of length. No not all the contours are that extremely steep. Some places are only a few feet but some are close to 3.5 feet of rise in only a 3 foot length.

    This Articulator not only climbed theses small mounds with out even breaking a sweat but never once scalped no matter how I attacked the contour. The mounds mimic the base of the buildings somewhat, so at the corners the mounds or single step terraces turns at a sharp 90° angle.

    This means that if you attack the mound on the corner dead in the middle there is a high pointed section in the middle while the two sides break away sharply. When attacking this type of terrain this extreme high point would normally be scalped and left bare dirt and the sides would have been totally missed. The articulator not only contoured to the shape of this mound but cut it evenly and did no turf damage either by scalping or gouging.

    Even though most of you may not ever attack a mound like this I promise you that any of your rigid mowers will scalp this horribly. If you don’t scalp then I know you will gouge the ground with the side of the deck at the bottom of the mound if running parallel to the slope. Mr. White not only allowed me to use the Articulator in a variety of ways but was totally professional and answered every question I had with an intelligible well thought out concise answer.

    So many times I go to a dealer and some sales guy tells me things that contradict their own manufacturer’s web site or maybe they tell me mis or disinformation concerning their competitor’s product, also contradicting the competitors’ web site.

    Mr. White not only knew the product but had an extensive history in lawn care enabling him to address all of my concerns promptly and accurately. I will never waste my money buying any other mower.

    Access to maintenance items and maintenance scheduling was intelligently designed and well thought out. Adjustability of controls and control placement makes this mower able to fit a wider variety of people’s frames than other mowers. Also I found out that they are exploring the possibility increasing the mowers ability to accommodate a wide variety of statures, meaning that even a small man or woman can operate the foot controls with ease as well as taller or larger individuals.

    This mower has the best frame I have ever seen. With having a larger contact patch than most, it must be lighter than the others on its feet. I have measured the contact patch to be 346 square inches and at 1,350 lbs this equates to 3.9 lbs per sq. inch. I by the way equate to approximately 5.38 lbs per sq. inches bare foot standing on one foot.

    There are some vary impressive innovations that are in the works for the Lastec Company. I am sure that in time you will all be reverent to the technologies that Lastec has to offer.

    Know this Lastec is an innovator in any industry that it embarks upon. With the technologies that its sawmill company has, and knowing some of the innovations that they have pioneered in the past, I cant wait to see what they come up with as far as new mower blade innovations for the lawn care industry.

    Personally, I am planning on placing my order for a new Lastec Articulator 2861 on Monday.

    I hope that most of you keep your rigid decks so I can keep the quality of cut advantage.

    With the side and rear discharge as well as mulching capabilities this is truly the most innovative and adaptive mower on the market. Lastec has truly redefined the mowing industry.

    This company really will stand behind its product!!!

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    very good write up.

    did the middle wheel live a funny stripe down the center?

    how was the power for the machine? average? exellent?

    how easy were the foot controls to use?
  3. HK45Mark23

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    No funny appearance of any kind. The cut and look was perfect. If ever there was a concern with the middle wheel a chain type stripe kit would mask any oddities, if there was the need.

    Sorry Shane,
    For calling you Shawn, I don’t know what I was thinking. :sleeping:
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    well, the next mower I will look into will definatly be a lastec.

    btw, I noticed you are in indiana. would you happen to know anything about bloomington? my family is looking to move out there, so I was wondering what the lco market is like. what are the laws for getting a turf and ornamental license? is like just sign you name and we'll give to you, or is it where you need to have a bunch of experience working under a cert. appliator, then take a rigorous test?

    thanks. chris.
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    So this one deck can mulch, side discharge or rear discharge?
  6. TClawn

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    shane put up a thread about it. let me find it.
  7. TClawn

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  8. HK45Mark23

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    Not only does it side and rear discharge it also will mulch. The real genius is that each cutting section floats to contour the ground. The sections are hinged together; this is not a rigid deck. It truly contours the ground and prevents scalping or stair stepping if in a valley and if at the bottom of a slope it will not gouge the ground or ramping up a slope it will not gouge the ground. This is like having 3 21” if using the 61 and or 3 25” mowers connected by hinges, cut quality is immaculate!!! Now you can cut as if you are using a 21” or 25” mower but at 5 or 6 feet widths and with speeds up to 8-10 mph
  9. Tonyr

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    I need a demo, will you trade my deere?


    Shane, please can you post a pic or 2 of the clipping despersal when in rear discharge mode please? (in heavy grass)
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    I think that the lastec is cheaper than the deere... :waving: but it has a EFI gas instead of diesel. I think they are putting a dihatsu on the 61". now that sounds like a BEAST.

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