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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jaclawn, Sep 21, 2000.

  1. jaclawn

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    Does anyone else have a problem with customers calling late at night? I made the mistake of having my home telephone number in the phone book, and people will call that if they get the machine on the business line. I had one call this week at 11:30. I did not make it to the phone, and the machine got it. Since it was a garbage customer that is getting dropped next season, I did something that I wanted to do for a very, very long time, give a customer a wake up call. 4:45 a.m. I told the woman that I was leaving pretty early that morning, and that her call must have been an emergency for her to be calling me so late at night. She was not a happy camper. I go to bed early, (should be there now) and get up early. What other business answer phones that late at night? Same deal goes for hoildays.
  2. accuratelawn

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    I received a call at 10:20pm and 6:14am, both in the same weed. What do people think?

    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    all my customers call my pager and get voice mail and if it sounds like something that can keep til morning i'll call then....
  4. Lazer

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    jaclawn, that's a thing of beauty!

    Phoning between 8:00am and 8:00pm is fine w/ me.

    When vacationing in Phoenix last year, I realized in some areas people start early: the pool guy knocked on my cousins door at 5:45am!! The homeowners thought nothing of it! The little *#^@ woke me up.
  5. eslawns

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    You could ask them not to call you at your house.

    "Since it was a garbage customer that is getting dropped next season..."

    Why wait? What is a "garbage" customer?
  6. lawndog

    lawndog LawnSite Member
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    How about getting a second phone line for your business
    and then only answer when you want,otherwise let them
    leave a message,also email works well.
  7. Twotoros

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    Had a out of town customer-same time zone call at 1-2 am at least 4 times in a two week period . I ignored it and let the machine in the office take it . I was doing the lawn at her mom's house and the back yard had always been a "don't mow " . I was told now it should be mowed ,it was totally out of control -only 500sq feet, it took an hour and a half and looked like hell .
    I was going to bill her extra . Well that morn at 2 am I wake up to my office phone ringing and she is bitching me out for the crappy job . Next morn I was so mad I lost it and called her voice mail as that was all I could ever reach. I called her every name in the book using swear words , hung up and called back to repeat myself . I swear I almost had a heart attack . I now it was wrong but I would do it again. I was so bad I think she could have sued me. A pro am not I guess.
  8. gusbuster

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    Do these people realize that your business phone is your personal phone?? I have this problem also. My wife wants me to get a third line.

    Seems to me that it's most of my Asian clients that do this to me. First offense I tell them not to call any later than 8 pm. Second offense, guess who is looking for another lawn care professional.

    Seems ridiculous that I have to spend extra money to get piece of mind.
  9. Twotoros

    Twotoros LawnSite Senior Member
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    I won't even call friends after 9 on a work night and 10 on weekends. I have turned my ringer off on the biz line and let my machine get it . Also tellymarketheads hate a machine.
  10. Charles

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    Ring ring Heeeelllooo lol, this is the year 2000 isnt it? Get caller id. woohoo!! Problem solved. I too only answer the business calls between 8 am and 8 pm. Get control of your life man.

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