Late fall lawn question (new lawn)

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by gdeangel, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. gdeangel

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    I just had a professional hydroseed install done a few weeks back at my home, just before nasty rain and cold snap. Now the temps have gotten up into the 60's a few days I am seeing some shoots.

    Someone told me to fertilize as soon as shoots started to come up. However, there is new topsoil and very wet, so just to step on it leaves big footprints (so far, it's just been a few deer, but if I go out with a spreader, it's going to make a mess). Also, a lot of the the hydroseed cover has washed into "ripples" (like sand on the beech when the water flows out) due to the rain, and I'm not sure if it would be better or worse to try to even it out with a rake, or just wait for spring and overseed.

    Please give me your professional thoughts as to what is the best thing to do in this situation, and whether I would be ill-advised to rake or fertilize.

  2. dfischer

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    I would leave it be. Growth will be slow, so need for fertilzer is low. I would suggest getting some 15-15-15 (or whatever) down if it ever dries up enough.

    I don't think I'd do do much raking around either. The root systems will be very shallow, and or seed about to germinate might be negatively affected.


    Kinda late to be seeding, yes? I'm thinking the bluegrasses and the like won't germinate till next spring.
  3. gdeangel

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    That makes sense - it's so wet that I had footprints about four inches deep after Haloween from a few kids. I'll let it be.

    The seed was put down around 10/10, and then we got hit here with about a week of 40 degree weather and nothing grew.

  4. Uranus

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    I'd try to fert it once you can walk on it. If its not to big of an area you could walk the perimiter and evenly toss it on by hand if you really had to. As far as raking I would leave it till spring and take what you get. Its better to wait and see at this time of year and patch what you have to in the spring.
  5. lflcl

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    :usflag: depend's on what you mean by a few weeks ago. also most hydroseeds have a starter fertilizer as one of the additions of the seed and water that are applied dring the process. I would not fertilize until next spring, early (2nd - 3rd weeek of Feb.). Use a lownitrogen fetrilizer. the rain ruts are where a little work will have to be done in the spring, top soil and seed. For now only walk on it when its frozen. and get the leaves off as soon as possible. good luck.:usflag:
  6. wurkn with amish

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    you were looking to do something to your yard clear back in feb., even had an offer from someone to look at it for free, and here we are in october-november griping thaat its not germinating fast enough for you. what happened to all the months in -between?
  7. rider

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    First off, you should fertilize it with a high nitrogen fertilizer as soon as you can walk on it. the shoots that you are seeing right know will probably winter kill because the roots are not deep enough. you really do not want anything to be growing right know till next spring. 46-0-0 at a pound and a quarter, you will probably still lose over half. if we have a warm winter you will be fine

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