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one of my best customers is asking about me putting down winter fertilizer ( wal-mart brand).
i am in north Alabama, and winter is in full swing. would this be ok, would it hurt anything, or even would it do any good? the info on the bags recommend putting down this fert in oct-nov time fram.
would like any help you guys can give me.



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S. Jersey
You can put it down if you want to. However it wont do any good until the ground temp reaches 50 deg. approx. It'll give a quicker greenup in the spring though.


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Franklin TN
If it is bermuda, total waste of fert. The last thing one wants to do is give bermuda N going into winter. If you have had snow, I assume the bermuda is completly dormant. If it is not, adding N late in fall will increase winter kill. If it is dormant, the N wont be around next May when bermuda comes back any way. I recommend 0-0-7 + Barricade on bermuda in early Sept. Potassium tends to harden off bermuda and reduce winter kill. This winter already is extremly cold for Middle TN, and I expect you are in the same boat. If lawn is fescue, the roots system will benefit and spring green up will definetly be better! I apply something like 32-3-8 in December on fescue. Apply 1.25 lbs/N/1000ft2. 30%slow release. Good luck!

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