Late frost taking toll in south

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by burns60, Apr 14, 2006.

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    Here in north MS we had four late frost in March which is not unusual. But the fact that we had so much warm weather earlier which brought on some early grass growth (not just weeds either) made this young grass very susceptible for major damage. So, it gets "set back" four times with these frost and now it is struggling to really get going. In fact, I have seen some spots that look to be dead.

    It didn't affect the weeds and they just kept on growing. Now I usually cut a little lower in the spring to get rid of these weeds before they get too far ahead of the good grass that will normally choke out the weeds. But now I am having to go ahead and mow higher so I won't damage the grass.

    Never had this dilemma before to this degree.

    Anyone else noticed this in your area?

    If the old saying, "thunder in Febuary, frost in April", holds true ,we are really in trouble because we had thunder here in Feb.
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    Well, that's typical weather for us here in NC.

    We had a really mild winter, which was prime for some weeds, buds and blooms in Feb & Mar with mild daytime temps and hard frosts at night, late skiff of snow, and so forth.

    We just had another hard frost out of the blue a short time ago, despite hot daytime temps. Sunburn days and frostbite nights.

    Not much you can do with mother nature.

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