Late Paying Clients!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jason, Jan 6, 2000.

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    geogunn,<br>Point well made!
  2. jjb51

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    The remark about bottom feeders was (Leave the late payers and problem accounts to cripple the bottom feeders) which rings of truth. What he (Larryflint) was saying was go after better accounts that don't cause you problems and waste your time. The time spent trying to collect accounts past due, can be better spent making money. His advice sounds like words of wisdom, althought kind of terse.
  3. Stephen

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    actually, i believe the bottom feeder reference refers to the guys who cut your throat on a job because they run junk equipment and have no insurance<p>----------<br>Stephen<br>
  4. gene gls

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    Bottom Feeders:Thats where we all started from and hope to proceed forward.
  5. klite

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    Bottom Feeders Thats where we (I presume) all start. Do all you men forget. I hope not, Because we all have to crawl,then walk, Then if we are lucky and have done everything right we can then run like a company should.<br>Just my 2 cents worth.<br>Ken <br>Lightcap's Landscape Service
  6. Charles

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    Thats why the new people are lucky to have this forum. The rest of us along time ago didn't have nearly as much help. As long as there is this cycle of lowballing. The rest of us will never reach our potential. To the new people out there if you sell your service well to the customer. You can get the going rate for your area. If the customer call around and if all the estimates are close together. Then the best salesman will get the job. If most of the lawn services in one area stick to a 30 per hour + then you can establish a good profitable going rate. Or 35 to 45+ job rate. I wouldn't even tell the owner that you are new. Salesmanship and appearance and being friendly mean alot in getting the rate you need to make it.<br>Charles
  7. geogunn

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    whether intended or not I think the reference to &quot;bottom feeders&quot; is not a complementary reference. bottom feeders by nature of their position on the food chain are the ones that eat the excrement of those that exist higher on the food chain, are opportunistic when they find something to eat, and thankful for it. I suppose that does describe at least some of us at one time or another in this buisness.<p>GEO
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    BOTTOM FEEDER- A person or persons who run<br>old rubbish equipment,who have no insurance<br>and who operate at a fraction of the hourly<br>rate that everyone else works at.Generally<br>considered a minor nuisance and tend to <br>disappear without warning.<br>Hope this definition clears things up :)

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