late pick ups


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I finished round 1 about 2 weeks ago. I am still getting a few calls every couple of days about wanting to get estimates. We are sitting right around 50 soil temp with mid to upper 70s projected all week.

When you get a late call what do you tell the customer? I can apply the pre now, but will it get watered in before the soil temp hits the mid 50s. Do you tell them they are late and that control might not be as good? Keep your mouth shut and be prepared to control some break throughs inbetween rounds?


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Grand Rapids MI
Soil temp of 50--you are probably OK. Just tell them you are going to use the maximum rate allowed by law, and that because of the high soil temp and lateness you cannot guarantee crabgrass will not appear. And you will have to charge extra if it requires retreatment.

Then you can waive the fee in the future if you feel the extra charge is not needed.


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I am telling my late callers that we started a month ago and they have pretty much missed the first round. I explain that we will put the pre emergent down now but for next year we will apply our first pre emergent in Feb. Therefore, they are not going to be garaunteed this year