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Late summer... customer info flyer

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About 2 times per year ( I wish I did this more often) I include in my monthly invoice, a flyer that lists things to do/not do in the landscape for the particular season and the coming couple of months. I tought maybe here on LS we could share some userful tips with one another and then each of us use whatever tips we like for our own late summer flyers. Here are a few I've come up with for the Late Summer Landscape Tips flyer:

1. Keep checking your vegetable garden for insects as these critters love the month of August .
2. Continue to care for the roses.Keep black spot in check with chemical spray. Remove spent blooms and you can extend flowering well into fall.
3. Continue to mow the grass at the highest mower setting and make sure your mower blades are sharpened periodically.Dull blades actually damage the grass
4. Make sure that your lawn has been treated for insects, such as grubs.
5. Continue to feed your annuals to produce blooms until the first frost
6. Stake the mums if they are tall. Feed them one more time
7. Avoid pruning now as pruning will encourage new growth which will not harden-off before the cold of winter arrives.
8. Make plans now to rennovate the lawn. Early fall is the ideal time for core aeration and overseeding.
9. Keep a record of what annuals/perennials did well and those that did not do well. File it in a place you will remember so you can find the info next spring.
10.Take your snowblower into the shop NOW for service.
11. Make sure to periodically check the level of the engine oil in your mower(s). Also check the air filter
12. Fall is the ideal time to transplant shrubs/trees. Do not transplant until the leaves have dropped on deciduous plants. Be sure to use a starterer fertilizer high in phosphorous for root development
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Nice list Gar.

I would also include a thought about possibly aerating and overseeding in the early fall to get a nice thick, lush lawn next spring.
Nice Gar

I do a monthly letter.

Though much of what you listed I would never put in my letter. For those are my jobs...............;) and what I get paid for......:D
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