Late Winterizing?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by toxic man, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. toxic man

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    If we were to put a winterizer down right now( the Lawn is dormant), what would happen to the nitrogen? Would it be stored up or simply washed away? Does it have any value to the grass. What about those zones where the lawns are slow growing(still green), is there any value in putting down a winterizer?

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  2. turfsurfer

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    A winterizer (late fall fertlizer) doesn't do much good once the grass is dormant (however the roots are usually still active until the ground freezes, that's what I call winter dormant). If the grass is green AND still growing ,you might bring on a growth spurt which is also no good and may increase disease likelihood. The optimum time for late fall ("winterizer") application is when the grass still has some green but has greatly slowed or stopped top growth. THEN all the benefits go to the roots.
  3. ThreeWide

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    With warm season grasses, I consider K to be the key nutrient in the application referred to as Winterizing. Potassium helps the turf during periods of stress, where cold temps are the culprit in my zone.

    Yes, some N is stored if you apply at the correct time but that window of opportunity is gone since the turf is now dormant. However it is not too late to provide a Potassium boost.

    The soil test results rule in this situation. If the K is low, you can boost it. Otherwise there is no need to take action.
  4. quiet

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    ...and Nitrogen is volatile. It'll dissipate if not used by the turf. If the turf is dormant, it's not uptaking.
  5. upidstay

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    Putting down fet after the lawn is dormant is a waste of time. Maybe a little bit will get into the plants, but not enough to help the turf. The only thing you;ll be doing is helping to pollute your local groundwater
  6. dishboy

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    It says your in Ontario Ca, I assume your not anywhere near freezing there so I would think some N for winter root growth would be a good thing, although the timing and amount recommendation would be better coming from a warm season grass guy.
  7. Neal Wolbert

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    Dishboy, What are your temps and rainfall amounts recently? That will determine whether winterizer will be beneficial. Also, there is a treatment for amm. nitrogen sources (urea, amm. sulfate) that will minimize volitization and leaching (liquid apps. only). I have more info on that if you want it. Neal

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