Latest feedback on Toro Stand-on Aerator??

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by dabears8430, Jan 25, 2014.

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    these stand on aerators are like skid steers, no one can ever justify the cost of one, because they just don't have enough work for it, then they get one and wonder what they ever did with out it.

    It's a psychological barrier, built it and they will come.

    there are tons of aeration jobs out there that need to be done because you think they are a $100 job and the customer is willing to pay $45 for it.

    With this machine the $100 walk behind job is easily a $45 ride on job.

    Buy the machine, go out and sell the work accordingly.
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    Aeration got popular here in the last 5 years. Used to be $150 then last year I noticed quotes around town for $50 and so I followed suit. Thing is nowadays a lot of folks are excited to pay $50. There is a lot of the work to be had.

    So I don't know if in a few years it will come back up a bit or what will happen. I don't have enough time in as an owner to know how to think like that. I would like to think enough guys will give it up or fail that in a few years we are getting $75 or $100 again but I've seen Trugreen quotes for $50. I feel for what it is $100 is fair. Even a small lawn sucks with the stop-lift-turn-getitstraightagain routine. I don't mind a good sized walker job. It's the little cramped jobs with flower boxes, flag poles, trees that get me, but in my town those are the folks willing to buy the service.
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    I'm a cheapskate. We buy used trucks (2 - 3 years old). But when it comes to equipment, I usually buy new. I have a "saved search" on ebay for a Toro/Exmark stand-on aerator, but nothing ever comes up.

    For the first time ever, I have never been ashamed for leaving a bill for aeration. Cuz I know how thorough of a job the Exmark ZTR does. Most of the time, the soils are not perfect for doing aerations, but this machine solved that problem for us. Before, we relied on aerators with weights.

    More than once a day, a homeowner (and sometimes neighbors would gather) would watch me the entire time -- mezmorized as they watched the machine in action. Last time this ever happened was with the T3000 when one customer actually took pictures.

    3 other things:

    1) We picked up new accounts (neighbors) because they saw the results from their neighbors' lawns.

    2) We are seeing are large number of repeat requests for 2014 aerations from customers we aerated last year with the ZTR Exmark aerator.

    3) Even guys in their 50's and 60's can run this machine without getting worn out.

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