Laugh or cry. Questions from HOs

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    Ive been participating in various plumbing threads for biz reasons. Thought I'd start a thread where we could post the inane posts found elsewhere.

    I'm new to this business of automated sprinkler systems and am seeking some advice on my home system. I have nine zones in place that are watered by a submersible pump in my yard well. I have always manually changed to the different zones by hooking up the different hoses and then turning on/off my pump to get the job done. I'd like to automate so that when I'm away, the yard and garden still get watered.
    I realize I'll have to set up a box with at least nine solenoid valves with a timer to control them. I plan to have the box at ground level so I can disconnect water and power at the end of the watering season and move the unit indoors to prevent freezing damage. Here are my concerns: 1. How do I coordinate the turning on/off of the pump(220 volt) with the control timer? 2. Can the pump be running as I change from one zone to another without damaging the pump? 3. Can you recommend a good control timer to handle this situation?

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    So I have this 27'x37' yard where I'm trying to add a sprinkler system. I've read several article and saw a post where this guy did a DIY sprinkler system for his yard. he used Flex PVC pipes for his system. after seeing that I got motivated to convert my existing system (garden hose and walmart stake type sprinklers) to a slightly better one where I don't need to stand and watch.

    I bought some Orbit timer and just need to run some pipes in two spots and some heads. so here's what I'm thinking, run some standard PVC (since they're much cheaper than flex pvc) to two spots that I've determined and bury the pipes probably 6" in the ground with shovel or whatever tool I can use.

    the parts that I haven't figured out yet is, how am I going to connect the water line to the pvc from my outside water tap. how do I prevent backflow and how do I drain the water out before winter.

    please feel free to comment on my existing plan and help with this diy plan.

    One of the responses

    Here in CA we typically use 3/4" valves and 3/4" pipe for our sprinklers. Some use 1" but it is more rare and kinda overkill. A lot use 1/2" but if you have more then a couple heads or plan on it in the future you wont get the volume needed to run them right. I have six stations and they tap off of my mian line just before in enters my house.
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    ::::As the big boxes clap their hands in glee:::::dizzy:
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    Do you inform the amateurs that they need to buy pigtails? :p

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    No I tell them they need a bolt cutter to cut the pipe with. Preferably one 42" long.
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    At least the second one is thinking about preventing backflow and winterizing....
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    Geez, how did I get away with making it so complicated over the years? :walking:
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    just lucky i guess
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    I had a HO call and say her POC wouldn't shut off for the hose. I show up and its a hose "wye" with a pvc adapter on one side. :cry:
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    Quotes from customers, but not word for word:
    "I Paid less to have the system installed by the Home Depot instructor, than the estimate you gave me to fix it."

    "$70 per hour? My therapist doesn't charge that much!" :laugh:

    "Well it was working just fine until it stopped working."

    I should have kept a running list over the years.........

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