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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by twowheelted, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Believe it or not i was just reading about this earlier today. I guess it's all opinion since none of us works at Google. Better to be safe and make sure all 3 have the info that you're trying to convey.

    Here's what all 3 of mine look like. Is good?

    <html><head><title>AM Lawn Service - Providing Lawn Care to Greenville, Winterville and Ayden NC</title>
    <META name="description" content=" AM Lawn Service - Providing Lawn Care to Greenville, Winterville and Ayden NC">
    <META name="keywords" content="quality, mowing, landscaping, landscape, cutting, lawn service, Greenville, Winterville, Ayden, NC, North Carolina">
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    Why not include the facebook LIKE button on ALL your pages?

    Also, yes fix your meta tags (title & description)

    And you don't have to work for google, but Cast Lightening is right,
    Google dropped using Keywords, and for a good reason.

    Matt Cutts, their "search engine engineer" explains in a quick 2 minute video:

    I also see you do have Great! That's the one I would use for
    print - business cards, etc.

    This is last, but quite important, just going in order I notice things here - You have
    a keyword rich domain name. This is among the lines of someone already suggesting
    to include the areas you serve, even at the bottom of every page. But even starting
    with the homepage and the opening sentence you can add a few words:
    "Blackwood Landscaping is a full service landscaping and lawn care company,
    serving the Ashville, NC area

    You want those keywords "ashville" "nc" etc in the content, just as you
    have them in the domain name.

    Hope this helps, good job on the site!
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    The title is fine. The Description should be written in sentence format, should have the most important keywords at the beginning, and should be between 120 and 180 characters.

    Keep in mind that google often uses part (or all) of the page title as the first line in a search results listing. The next two lines are usually drawn from the page description. These three lines are actually an ad for your business. So, when writing your title and description tags, pretend you're writing a compelling ad.

    Something like this:

    AM Lawn Service - Exceptional Care for North Carolina Lawns
    Professional lawn service, fully insured and licensed, cutting, mowing,
    and grooming the best lawns in Greenville, Winterville and Ayden, NC.
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