Launching my lawn care business this year, need advice

Manny Carlino

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What’s up lawnsite. I’ve been working for a company steady for about 3 years now. Prior to that I was also working lawn care/landscaping. The wealth of knowledge I now possess is minuscule compared to what is still to be learned, but I feel I’m ready to move forward with a small company. My dream is to be self employed and I’m burnt out working to make someone else’s dream a reality.

Starting last fall I picked up a few customers doing leaf clean ups solo. I also managed to get a few residential plowing accounts that are possibly interested in my services. I have a full year contract with one client (cutting, pruning, fert, clean ups, etc.)

As of June 2019 I started gathering equipment, all cash, nothing financed. I don’t want to put myself in debt so I’m buying on an as needed basis. Here’s what I’ve attained so far:

2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD 160k miles w/plow
2013 haulmark challenger 7x14 tandem
Older Scag 48” WB (not even sure of the year)
9hp littler wonder push blower
Lesco broadcast spreader
2 stihl chainsaws
Stihl Demo saw
Fiberglass pole pruners with extensions
Stihl roto tiller
Redmax 8500 & stihl backpack blower
Assorted hand tools
Echo string trimmer
Echo hedge trimmer
Toro push mower

I have a few other miscellaneous pieces that I can’t think of off the top of my head. So that’s the breakdown of what I have, are there any other crucial pieces of equipment that I need?

I went through Rutgers recently for my fert license. My current boss is sending me for my pest applicators license.

What is my next move. My biggest concern is doing things legitimately. I know one mistake could potentially sink my business. I want to register the business, get a tax ID, register with DOT if necessary, proper permits, licenses, insurance, commercial plates, etc.
So what should I do next?

Your next move should be knowing your numbers and how to charge. You should be taking bidding and estimating course that teaches you your overhead, building a budget and why these are the MOST important tools or equipment you will EVER own. VANDER KOI OR JAMES HUSTON look them both up and take BOTH courses. You will thank me later!

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