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    Goldpro ( Ben ) got nothing on you with those stripes haha

    I like the shirts, designed them your self ? what site did you use ?
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    Thanks for the complement blk90s13. I don't know about comparing me to Goldpro. He lays some nice stripes. My larger of the field pictures I have the toughest time doing straight lines. It's for campgrounds that I maintain and so many people feel it's fine to drive across the fields rather than go the extra 1/10th of mile driving on their the campgrounds are closed during the winter and I believe kids use the field for doughnuts in the snow.

    The shirts I had a friend do for me. I just wanted something simple so he modeled it off my business card. Eventually when I go back to fulltime next year or the year after, I would like to do a refresh on my website / logo, etc. The shirts I had done through They were great to work with. Good prices, fast turnaround and a very user friendly website.
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    Been a while since I posted any pics so I figured I would throw a couple in. Probably have to do it over a couple of posts since the pictures are large. Hopefully 2014 I can get some more work pictures. Anyway glad to wrap another season up. Just went out and got a new truck. Picked up a leftover 2013 Ram 2500. The thing that really sold me on the truck is I was able to purchase a lifetime powertrain warranty. I have had a bunch of issues related to exhaust manifolds on my Ford and they weren't willing to stand behind the truck after the 3rd manifold broke at 57K. Figured I would give another brand a shot. I'm keeping the Ford since it is paid off and will use that for plowing, as well as times when I need the dump insert or for cleanups when I need one truck to pull the trailer / vacuum and the other for my equipment. This pic is the new truck the night before I picked it up. The next pic is dumping my last load of leaves for the season. The picture does it no justice as the farmer who takes the leaves for me constantly mounds them up with his backhoe. The pile is very solid. The 3rd pic is getting the plow back. The 4th picture is my winter project. Hoping to take this winter and study up and get my pesticide license. I have a good friend who is now retired from lawncare after 30+ years and is licensed for fert / pesticides and is willing to mentor me and help me out.




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    Nice new truck. Good luck with getting your applicators license.
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