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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by NightLightingFX, Nov 5, 2008.

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    I have hospital that is very interested in having me create a narrow beam effect for their facility. An effect very similar to an effect I created for another hospital see my website or My challenge is this: The hospital I am talking to got sued because a little kid touched an MR16 light fixture that was set in concrete and the little kid got burned.

    I need to use the vary narrow par 36 lamps to create the effect. I would use your typical par 36 fixture with gimble ring etc and top lens cover /or Uniques' Appollo fixture. The problem is that glass lens still gets too hot to the touch. I am thinking of putting a larger container with glass top over the top of the "Appollo" fixture. Any ideas on how I can do this?

    A side note - This is the perfect prospect to pitch Jame's LED lamps for the low voltage fixtures they have turned off due to their law suite.
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    You will find that if you move up into some type of spec grade product the lens temps will be inherently cooler due to larger housings, thicker glass, thicker materials, better design, and etc. You will even find some double lens, cool touch, recessed fixtures designed for your application. Your not going to find them discussed much here, so call your local lighting reps and discuss your application. The ALLscape SL43 comes to mind right off, but I would talk to BK, Bega, and some others also. I would pre qualify these guys right off before you start looking at fixtures that range from $300-$1000 a piece, could save you alot of time.
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    Eddie's feedback is much better than a quick LED fix, IMO. You can get 35 watt equiv, but I'm not sure about the beam you need. I would try before I buy. James should give you beam specs and a lamp at least. I know with PAR's you can get amazingly long and narrow beams, not sure if manu's replicated that with LED fixtures or bulbs yet, unless you get into the "white power" stuff.

    LED narrow beam is a topic I've been interested in bringing up here. But I lost interest when I had to move into a cardboard box.
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    I'm not sure what kind or size of hospital you are talking about. But if you are not 100% of installation and code requirements for lighting of this kind I'd be backing away or at least getting a larger electrical firm to partner up with for the design and installation. YOU could get sued, not the hospital, the next time.

    I agree with Eden light's advise about other lines. I wouldnt consider using nightscaping, unique, kichler or the likes on any commercial project especially a hospital. I'd consider getting a commerical line rep involved, contact your Cooper rep, or the Philips rep. You'll need to research the wattage you will be using, what kind of surface you will be installing it in, and the code for your area (what temp that lens can be) I know in Europe the lens has to be cooler than here in the states.

    Good luck.
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    I strongly suggest you avoid incurring additional liability by experimenting with any retrofits. You will OWN the retrofit and the additional liability. The amount of R&D it has taken to develop "cool lens" technology is considerable and you don't have the resources.

    I've seen and touched both the Bega and BK cool lens fixtures. They work beautifully.

    My advice: Talk to your lawyer and do what they tell you to do.

    Good luck and ONLY talk to your lawyer; listen closely and do exactly what your lawyer tells you to do.

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    I mentioned in my 1st comment that the LEDs are a side note. An MR16 lamp can't do what I want let alone an LED. However, This facility has some neglected MR16 fixtures we could possibly retro with LEDs - That would be down the road.
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    Tom - I won't do any experimenting on this project. Nitetyme - Yes I am aware of code requirements. This facility has onsite electricians I will work with and oversee any code problems. Eddie - Thanks for the resource on fixtures designed for this purpose. I am going to check them out. Thanks all
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    The Facilities Manager checked out my other hospital project. (I used a mixture of Appollo and Big Bang fixtures - I used the Big Bang fixtures where concrete was next to the building.) He is comfortable and excited about using the Big Bang fixtures - He likes the cross of brass in the middle of the lens. Joey, there is a good chance I will have another good commercial project for you to promote.

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