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Lawn Aeration Marketing


LawnSite Member
Fairfax, VA
Hey guys. I am looking to put together a door hanger pushing my lawn aeration services. I am looking for some good wording to explain to the lay-man what lawn aeration is and why it is so important to have done. Thanks for any help. PS any examples of aeration ads would be great!


LawnSite Platinum Member
Try checking out some of the websites of the manufactures of aerators. When I put together my spil, I used a lot of what was on the Bluebird site.


LawnSite Senior Member
Go to Turfco.com and check out the booklet "Why Aerate My Lawn" or call Turfco at 800-679-8201 and have them send you some. They are made just for what you want and will also fit in a letter envelope.

Here is a little tip that works...Take their little booklet or one you make...Put a personal note on the back like "Hi my name is so&so and I will aerate your lawn for $50 and sign it" Put this in a door hanger bag you can get at an office supply store and put in a plug from the lawn. This works...The trick is to do one lawn in the neighbor hood and hang these on the neighbors doors...Also make up signs to put in the lawn "Aerated by Your Name"" Finally, Aerate the sidewalk to street several times so there are tons of cores so the neighbors see them. All these little tools work.