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lawn aeration


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Longview, Texas
I am just starting out in this business, but one of my customers wants there yard to be aerated and over seeded. The lot is half an acre with a about a 2500 square foot house on it and I need to know how to price this. I am renting the aerator for $40 dollars. The customer said regardless if I do it or not it is going to be done. I am lost on this one because I do not want to get burned. I need a price on the over seeding and what everyone charges for aeration. Thanks Advanced Lawn Care.


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evansville in.
mtdman about 43000 sq ft per acre advancadlawn your seed cost will be about $100 starter fert $30 $40 for aerator $40 slitseeder job cost total $210 i would put 2.5 pds per 1000 and seed twice in opposite dir. this is for tall fescue. you should be able to do this job in 3 hrs.i would charge $520 good luck