Lawn after 3 apps "Weed Buster" service

Discussion in 'The Green Guardian' started by green_mark, May 26, 2006.

  1. green_mark

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    This lawn had no treatments from any company in 3 years because of the homeowners desire to not use traditional chemical products.

    It started out pretty weedy (Creeping Charlie, Dandy's, Clover, etc) and thin in April of 06 and now at the end of May this is the end result.

    The first treatment was on April 19th with the GG 14-0-5, Lime and Core Aeration, then about 7 days apart after that for an additional 3 apps that just finished on the 23rd.

    Now the weed level is "not gone" but has very few remaining weeds and is fairly good condition.

    Now we are moving into the 5-0-3 for summer to keep the growth slow and the green steady.

  2. Nosmo

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    They did a beautiful job in getting this one back in shape.
  3. Grassmechanic

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    Where's the "before" pictures to compare it to???:confused:
  4. green_mark

    green_mark LawnSite Senior Member
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    Sorry, had no before photos. We service 1,000's of lawns and this one was just a property I inspected once the program had neared completion.

    The information about it's earlier condition came from our lawn evaluation, service records and the customers personal accounting of the events.
  5. mrkosar

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    i used your weed and feed product and mixed it at 1 gallon mixed with 3 gallons of water. i was not impressed with the results at all, but I am going to try again this fall on the same lawn. i want the product to work, but it just seems like it is a risky product with low potential. risky product in the sense that when the temps get above 80 degrees, burn potential is very high (i burnt a part of my lawn, but it came back). also, having young laborers who are sometimes a little careless putting down a product that might fry the customers grass for a little bit is scary to me. basically from my experience i have not seen any of the weed control side of your product, but did get a good green out of it. i hope you don't take this email as a slam on your company, but rather my feedback as a potential customer in the future. i would love for you guys to continue to research and develop a natural selective weed control for some of the broadleafs that customer hate (dandy, clover, plantains, chickweed).

    also, you have several afterward pics, but no before. how can we make a judgement based on those? you could very easily convert a terrible looking lawn into that in 3 years with a proper fert program (no w/c), proper mowing and watering, and aeration/overseeding in fall.

    just my opinion. not trying to be negative, just what i have experienced. i am going to try it again in a few weeks, any suggestions to get better results? any idea on why i fried part of my lawn temporarily? is 1 gallon/mixed with 3 gallons water too heavy of a rate, too light?
  6. green_mark

    green_mark LawnSite Senior Member
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    With what you are having as problems I think we should talk about your spraying equipment and how you would over-apply to the point of burning.

    This problem commonly happens only when it has been applied at rates exceeding label recommendations by 70% or more or in temperatures exceeding 90 degrees combined with a lawn under moisture stress.

    to see how our products are before and after I have posted many photos of test plots where the line is clearly defined.

    Here are some photos of what should be results after one week.

  7. mrkosar

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    from Ohio
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    that gives me an idea of what to look for. does this product kill the roots or just burn the top growth of weeds like some of the vinegar based non selectives such as Burn Out or Bradfields Horticultural Vinegar?

    is 1 gallon of your weed buster added to 3 gallons of water the right rate? i use a brand new lesco backpack sprayer and spray until the weed is somewhat brown. i sprayed the weeds when it was still in the 70's in the spring. i will try again in a few weeks and give you an update.

    you said in one of your other threads on this forum that you need to spray the lawns 3 times in a 4 week period. then once a month for the rest of the season, right? if this is correct it is going to be hard to give this to my customers because of the multiple applications (my price for the season will increase dramatically). what do most of your professional customers do to avoid this obstacle? Also, won't I be putting down too much nitrogen/fertilizer if applied in this manner? Thanks for the quick reply.

  8. Prolawnservice

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    Same here, only the burn spot didn't come back. yet :cry:

    Same here, also no effect observed on grassy weeds some slight wilting on clover and plantain, but it didn't kill them.

    Very expensive for lackluster or possibly temperamental control at $6 dollars per thousand just to test out:nono: :cry:
  9. Lost Pine

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    Hey Green Mark...I don't have your Company in NJ. Do you reccommend anyone that is in NJ...?

  10. mrkosar

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    Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me? Is there anyone home? Can we get some suggestions or answers? What kind of sponsored forum is this? Please?

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