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    I have been in lawn care for about 7 yrs now and slowly shifting into L & O service. I am L & O certified and licensed. I have horticulture certification and experience.

    My Question to you pros out there is , whats the best starter tank set up for effective and efficient service. I currently have a lesco HPS ride on and a 50 gallon spray rig on a F250 truck. long bed.

    I was thinking maybe adding a 200 or 225 gallon tank ( herbicide mix ) and use the current engine on the 50 gal sprayer.... I use all granular fertilizer and will continue to do so. I would like to provide the following lawn tree and shrub services. herbicide, fertilizer and tree injection and spraying. mostly residential and light commercial under an acre

    Thanks fellas
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    You could add a tank to your present 50 gal sprayer--BUT--it is highly risky to use the same tank, pump and hose for herbicides and then use the same for spraying insects on trees and shrubs.
    In my avatar--I sold my 200 gal tank and substituted a 400 gal tank. I switched to a one-ton truck.
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    Thanks Riggle. Whats the best way to avoid cross contamination and use the same pump. would a manifold work well is that set up.
    How do you make use your 400 gal tank? any pictures ?
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    I don't recommend using the same tank, pump, hose, filter and regulator for herbicide--and then ornamentals. I did not risk that myself.

    Years ago I did that when working for another company. The bossman told me to fill the 1000 gal herbicide tank, add soap and spray it out, while also draining it out. Twice. He wanted us to start spraying trees with it.
    I was skeptical, but he told us to go to the back lot and spray some of his tomatoes, wild grapevines, box elder scrub trees and nightshade plants--which are all very sensitive--and wait 48 hours.

    I retired 4 years ago. Equipment was sold. Click my name; there are still a few photos in my album.
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