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My name is Michael Regan I am a retired supermarket top management person started bagging groceries then run the whole company. I managed your property (mowed, kept clean, manicured and cleaned entire parking lot 3x per week for several yrs. You gave a master contract to someone and your managers called and got them to use me. Some one else got the top contract and I wasn't used then. I started in 92 looking after retail property because I had been a store manager and knew the value of surrounding your self with people with successful traits. I developed a company to be that successful trait company. I took care of Laurel, Petal, and Hattiesburg Ms. all stores sweeping and mowing. On every visit I do what is necessary. Including weeds in beds trimming shrubs basically turnkey's every visit. My clients are Red Lobster, Juicy Crab, Golden Coral, Applebee's, South Central Hospital, Tractor Supply, Dart corporation and many more. I service 9 Ms. counties in and around Hattiesburg Ms. I go as far north as Quitman Ms. I am able to service the gulf Coast possibly. There are 4 stores I used to service for a few years. I was given this site to visit by one of the store managers. All four know me and will vouch for me. I would like the opportunity to service at least the 4 stores that I had for a couple of years. I do not require a contract. I believe one should earn each week the opportunity to return next week. Your managers were 100 percent happy with me and turnkey property management. My pricing for 52 weeks is probably as low as anyone any where that is legitimate. I have 2 mil in general liability and commercial insurance on my fleet of 5 trucks. They are all satellite tracked. Each person is trained in racial sensibility and courteous customer service towards your customers in your parking lot. My number is 601-498-9506 Michael P. Regan Lawn and Property Management, LLC. I live in Hattiesburg, MS. Hope to hear from you for the 2021 service year.


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Welcome to the site, not giving you a hard time but this is mainly where professionals share stories, advice, trade/ sell equipment etc and not to advertise your business. There is a homeowner forum, but they are usually seeking advice as well.

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first, welcome to the site, Michael...however, not sure who you are looking for or who you would like to call you, but our site is an online community where people in the industry (like yourself) can discuss anything and everything involved with the industry. it is not to look for work and we (the site nor site owners) do not own such property as you are talking about.

again, welcome to the site though!

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Welcome to LawnSite! Lots of good info available here. :waving:


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