Lawn Application Post Cards and Flyers??

Discussion in 'Lawn Care Business Management' started by marks500, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. marks500

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    I am adding Lawn Applications, Tree and Shrub care etc to my business this year... I am gonna get some Post Cards or Flyers made. I am trying to promote this side of the business more then my maintenance. I was wondering if some of you guys wanted to share your Applications Post Cards or Flyers to give me some ideas? It would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, Mark
  2. bmoorefield

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    Assuming that you have a lisence, I would promote that you can provide the same or better service as the big company's with educated applicators. The post cards that go in a lawn after an application are standardized by the state in Maryland.
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    I'm actually not sure what your talking about, sounds like your talking about post cards you send in the mail but also sounds like your talking about lawn signs. I do both. I have used for mine
  4. RigglePLC

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    Check out some of the major printing companies that do this work. I thought one was a sponsor, but I cannot find it at the moment.
    They have several stock flyers ready. They will print your company name and info on it. Or you can change the wording. Change the photos. Add a special paragraph. Hurry...they are probably at the peak of their season or nearly at peak.
    And this year get some great lawn photographs--to use next year. Its an advantage to have your own truck parked in front of a great looking lawn. Try to sign up a recognizeable local business or landmark--take the photo and its great to use it next year. Can you be in front of the library? City hall? Best hotel? A big corporate office? The Waffle House? Ford Dealer? Your fert dealer?

    Read through a few of the ads above to see how Toro, Scag, Wright and other companies make a good impression. Which is best? Which ad caused you to spend a bit more time looking? Did you click? Be critical--which were poor--below average--unimpressive?
  5. bohiaa

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    Keep it local
  6. lalllc

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    I called post card mania. 1 800 628 1804
  7. Alda Hats

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    I'm going through the same questions, other than I am starting in the biz. Currently I have passed all the certification tests and still getting my state license. I have been in business before (not overly successful). I am going to home, garden, and flower patio consumer trade shows. Dress the part to impress, the booth folks to give you their full spiel and info. I have said that we are closing on a house, with a few pics on the phone to talk about. Most guys at shows are glad to hand out literature. This will allow you to pick and choose. I am also traveling 150 miles away to a show, where I plan to ask pricing and personal biz insites. When you are not seen as a competitor but as a newbie peer, the info over a few beers can be really cheap, sometimes good and sometimes worthless... It is important to be out of your service area so your not seen as undercutting their pricing.

    Perception in the marketplace is set NOW at the start. Late model shiny hubcaps in today's environment carry over to identifying trendsetters, better yards and continual improvement in appearance and attitude. All for the healthier bottom line, if the added overhead doesn't kill you first. The biggest turnoff is leaving ANY vehicle leak on the driveway, no matter the biz approach.

    I wish the both of us, the best of dedication, diligence, and door knocking to success.

    Twenty years ago I started a mobile hot water pressure washing service,when no one knew what they could do... Anyway a 1/2 sheet card stock handwritten flyer I wrote and mailed out once. It was amazing how that flier would pop up years later, getting stuffed in a kitchen catch-all. The card stock weight paper was good for long term presence.

    Somewhere on the web for $300-400 dollars a group of young starving graphic artists will compete to design a trademarkable business name/graphic. You may get 6-10 to choose from! I need to find that web address .

    I have to start a soft roll out in 3 weeks, I have a small local Master Gardener Gardenfest spring show booth( booth rent $75) where I will hand out something... extolling the wonders of chemical lawn, Emerald Ash Borer injections, and NATURAL lawn control options which I plan to fully develop to differentiate my lawn care biz. I don't plan on cutting grass, but get the lawn cutters to refer me.
  8. phillie

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    *trucewhiteflag* What?
  9. Randallhorton175

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    OK so as I've been sitting here online all day I have come across something VERY interesting.....I just went through their website and I'm not sure it is for land care companies but you have got to check this out.

    P.s. I think it would possibly be very invasive for people that's my main far as direct mail goes, I don't know much so I can't really compare the two. Really hoping someone with a large company could comment on this for me. Thanks.

    Its called street bidder and the website is

  10. gulfjoe

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    I like it so far cant wait till the app is available

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