Lawn application production goals

Joe Mittler

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NE Ohio
We currently treat 400 lawns. We curently use lesco spreaders and 200 gallon sprayers for herbicide. What are your production goals for a day. I realize lawn size and travel distance between accounts is a big factor. How many hours do you consider a day. What is your average billing in a day? How many accounts serviced? About how much square footage.


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Mount sprayers right to your spreaders and you'll save time over pulling a hose.<p>To answer your question:<br>I think $1,000/day and 300,000 sq. ft. would be a decent residential 8 hr. production day. Add 1-2 hours for loading/shutdown.<p>30 lawns w/ 1 tech.

steven Bousquet

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we work on $1000-1,200 per day spraying between 120,ooo-160,000 ft per day. Ganular 200,000-300,000 ft per day.for $1200-1800 per. we don't chage per app we charge for the seasons prgram, but those are the numbers we look for. our avg lawn is 16,000 ft. with 5 apps.

ted putnam

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How fast can you drive? How close together are the lawns? We plan on about 150,000 sq ft--about 15 lawns of 10,000 sqft each.
Same here Riggle. About 150k per day. The more customers you have the tighter your routes. We shoot for 140-160K. That's about all that can be done on the spray apps. Could do more on the spread apps... and I dowhen on the PG.As soon as we catch up from all the rain we had, we'll get enough done to have a 3 day weekend every now and then.When I worked for chemlawn we'd do 25-30 lawns a day. That was in Little Rock and the lawns were smaller on average and the routes much tighter. I cover an entire county now.


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argenta, IL
In my opinion 15 lawns at an average of 10,000 square feet is not even a work day. My best guy will do that by 11:00 a.m. and he is extremely particular, very conscientious and very thorough. He won't miss a weed and won't cut a corner. He does about 300,000 square feet per day and is back at the shop by 2:30, usually with a new customer signed up and a check in the truck.